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Friends Or Schitt’s Creek: Mira Rajput Chooses Her Favorite Sitcom!

Shahid Kapoor's wife Mira Rajput has announced her favorite sitcom. Can you guess her choice?

Handsome hunk Shahid Kapoor’s gorgeous wife Mira Rajput recently shared a ‘This or That’ video on her Instagram profile. In the video, she can be seen making some hard choices between things that are close to her heart.

Delhi-based Mira Rajput now lives with Shahid Kapoor in Mumbai. When asked to choose between the two metro cities, Mira chose Mumbai.

In another round, she had to choose her favorite sitcom between Friends and Schitt’s Creek. And to everybody’s shock, Mira chose Schitt’s Creek over Friends.

While Friends is the most popular sitcom around the world even after two decades, Mira loves Schitt’s Creek more than any other show.

Interestingly, the official handle of her beloved show dropped a comment on her Instagram reel. Flattered by Mira’s choice, they commented, “An honour.”

Mira was on cloud nine after seeing this comment. She again made an Instagram post and highlighted the comment from the sitcom’s official handle.

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Mira wrote a long caption that reads, “You all know how much I LOVE @schittscreek. I’ve never been a fan girl of anyone or anything, until of course I saw Schitt’s Creek and the rest is history. I’ve watched the series atleast 12 times over, it’s still my choice for a “feel-good” watch whether I’ve had a great day, a terrible one or want company with lunch. My kids know David and Alexis much to my husband’s dismay and pretty soon I will have a themed birthday. sounds crazy. I can’t wait for my SC Monopoly (I hate Monopoly and the new book) I guess this is what it feels like to really love something! It changed my world. If I was still in college, I’d write my term paper on SC. It’s a tiny gesture but means the world for me..”

She again received a comment from Schitt’s Creek. It reads, “please send pictures of the party.”

Well, we now know that Mira Rajput is a big-time fan of this Canadian sitcom that is available on Netflix.

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