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Falguni Pathak-Neha Kakkar’s Indian Idol Episode Was Shot “BEFORE” Their Fallout

As per the latest reports, it is now believed that the Indian Idol 13 episode featuring Falguni Pathak and Neha Kakkar was shot before their fallout.

Bollywood singers Neha Kakkar and Falguni Pathak recently became the center of focus after the latter slammed Neha Kakkar for “recreating” her iconic song Maine Payal Hai Chankayi. However, just a few days after their fallout a promo of the television reality show Indian Idol 13 was released in which both Neha Kakkar and Falguni Pathak were seen dancing together, reacting to the same a segment of netizens accused the singers of faking their argument as a “publicity stunt”, while as per the latest reports it is now believed that the episode of the show featuring the singers was shot almost a month before their fight.

Falguni-Neha Kakkar’s Indian Idol Ep Was Shot “BEFORE” Their Fallout

As per a Hindustan Times report, a source close to the show revealed to the portal, “This particular segment was shot during the auditions round. It was shot in August. The timing is all coincidental. They shot the chunk for Navratri. In fact, at that time, Neha and Falguni were quite cordial. Currently, Neha doesn’t even wish to talk about Falguni and was quite clear that she won’t promote the particular episode or talk about what it was like to have Falguni on the sets,”. Meanwhile, the team of Falguni Pathak also confirmed that the episode was shot on August 20.

Falguni Pathak Finally Opens Up On Neha Kakkar Remixing Her Song

Recently T-Series released the teaser of the latest remake of Falguni Pathak’s song Sajna by Neha Kakkar. However, just hours after the release the netizens began criticizing the Bollywood singer for ruining the song by making the remix. The matter further escalated when Falguni Pathak, slammed Neha Kakkar saying that she wanted to take legal action against the singer as well as the makers of the song.

While recently, talking about her social media take on Neha Kakkar’s remix Falguni Pathak told Hindustan Times, “What else could have I done? I could not take legal action.” She added, “I was overwhelmed to see so many people write on social media that they love my music, and they didn’t like this (Kakkar’s) version.”

Falguni stated that she wasn’t aware of the importance of music rights back then, she claimed that she would have restricted the makers if she knew about it sooner, “I wish I was aware back then. Jab khud pe guzarti hai tab pata chalta hai. I regret that I didn’t know about it then, otherwise I would have definitely done something about it,” 

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