Exclusive: Prem Chopra Recalls Partition Of India In 1947

In a candid conversation, actor Prem Chopra recalls his childhood during the partition of India in 1947.

Prem Chopra was 12 years old when India got independence. Freedom from the 200 years of British rule came at a heavy cost as the country was divided into two parts. People had to leave their loved ones, their homes, and their memories behind during the partition. Prem, who was born in September 1935 in Lahore, British India (present-day Pakistan) also migrated to Shimla (India) during the partition. In an exclusive interview with senior journalist Bharathi S Pradhan, veteran actor Prem Chopra recalled the time of the partition of India in 1947.

He said, “I was very small but I was aware of where I was staying. There was chaos everywhere. So, because my father was a government officer, he had the opportunity to leave the place a day earlier. After that, the mess started. We first came to Ambala and we stayed there for a few days. Then we shifted to Shimla. So, my education and everything happened in Shimla.”

He further told, “I remember the place I was staying. Now recently, somebody from Pakistan made a documentary on me and he discovered the house where I was staying in Lahore.”

Prem Chopra is 87 years old. He had a good career spanning 60 years and was popular for playing villain roles in Bollywood. He lives in Mumbai with his wife Uma Chopra.

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