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Deepika Padukone Best Dressed on the Red Carpet

Are you a huge fan of Deepika Padukone for her amazing acting skills and her dance moves? But, how about her fashion choices. Deepika Padukone has gained herself a huge recognition as the most dependable actresses of the industry as well as she has also become the fashion icon of millions of young girls from over the world.

No matter what event Deepika is attending she is very particular and makes is sure that she is very well dressed. Whether she is at an international event or any Bollywood award show she is quite a fashionista and slays various kinds of outfits gorgeously. 

Here are some of the Best Dressed moments of Deepika Padukone at red carpet events.

Deepika Padukone slew this outfit matching the red carpet at one of the Filmfare events. The red outfit looks astonishing on Deepika paired with very minimal jewelry. 

After a completely red outfit, we are taking a look at a completely black outfit. Deepika Padukone attracted many eyes with this outfit at a LikeOK red carpet event. A black outfit in this pic is just making Deepika’s beauty glow more.

After ruling the red carpets of the Bollywood industry, Deepika went on and slew amazing outfit on International Cannes Award function red carpet. The green furry outfit surely caught a lot of eyes.

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