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Birthday special: 6 unknown facts about dimpled beauty Preity Zinta

Sparkly, Fearless and Courageous-that's what we can call Kings XI Punjab's owner and Bollywood beauty queen Preity Zinta, who is celebrating her 45th birthday.

From just being another small-town girl to being Bollywood’s dimpled beauty, whose cuteness was impossible to forget, Preity Zinta came a long way and made an impact for herself in Bollywood. This beautiful actress, facing many challenges in her life, did not lose hope and emerged as a star as she became a top Bollywood artist. On the occasion of her birthday here we bring 6 unknown facts about Preity Zinta which you must not be aware of.

1. Preity faced a personal tragedy at the age of 13 

Preity was raised in a family that was actually from Rohru in Simla, Himachal Pradesh. She was born to Zinta and Nilprabha Durganand. Her father was an Indian Army Officer. Her father had died in an accident when she was  13. About 2 years later, her mom too died due to the injury caused in an accident.

2. With Perk and Liril commercial, she made her debut on the big screen 

Once Preity Zinta met a director at the birthday party of a friend in 1996, she got her first project. Preity’s first camera stint was advertising for the’ Perk chocolates.’ Let’s refresh your memory a little more! Recall that hot 90s Liril soap ad that had a cheerful, cute girl drenched under a waterfall singing it was none other than the pretty Preity.

3. A post-graduate in criminal psychology   

Preity Zinta pursues graduation with English honors. She is one of Bollywood’s most qualified and educated celebrities, she has even completed her criminal psychology postgraduate degree. 


4. She is named Mother Miracle for her kind and big heart 

Zinta is also known for her big heart and generosity, in addition to acting. Adopting 34 girls from an orphanage named Mother Miracle in Rishikesh 2009, she took responsibility for providing all of these girls with financial aid and education. She has been involved in women empowerment projects besides other social activities and also donated blood for that cause.

5. Preity auction her wedding photos for a good cause

On 29 February Preity Zinta tied the knot to her longtime boyfriend Goodenough in the year 2016. Preity and Gene have also decided to auction their wedding pictures to donate the money to a charity. She hosted a basic and private wedding ceremony in Los Angeles where only a few people were invited to attend. She later hosted a grand reception in Mumbai for her Bollywood buddies.

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