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Arpita’s Video Of Smashing Plates In Dubai Goes Viral

Salman Khan's beloved baby sister Arpita Khan's video of smashing plates in a greek restaurant in Dubai goes viral and trending on social media platforms.

The ChulBul Pandey of Bollywood and globally loved superstar Salman Khan’s beloved baby sister Arpita is in the limelight this time around and also has a reason for it. This is indeed a surprising scoop of the day that Arpita’s video of smashing plates in Dubai goes viral.

Nowadays thanks to the social media platforms, celebrities become viral or trending and something similar happened very recently when we got to know that how speedily did Arpita’s video of smashing plates in Dubai goes viral.

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Apparently, Salman’s sister Arpita broke plates in a greek restaurant in Dubai and soon the video went trending and viral on social media but she also has a reason behind doing it.

The video of Salman Khan’s sister Arpita has gone viral on the internet which is making the social media users and netizens wondering about her act of smashing plates in it and the reason behind doing the same.

The actor’s baby sister Arpita is seen happily enjoying in her vacation mode with her gang of gal pals and also seen smashing plates in the greek restaurant. The said video shows Arpita as sitting on a chair as she throws down the plates. In the other video clip, she is also seen dancing with her gal pals surrounding her and well there is a reason behind the plate smashing act of hers.

According to the ancient Greek traditions and culture, smashing the plates literally means to ward off all the evil eyes and negative vibes by starting a new beginning and fresh page which is totally hurdle free.

The most interesting fact here is that she is seen doing this on her husband and Bollywood actor Aayush Sharma’s song Chogada from his debut Bollywood movie Love Yatri (2019). Also, honestly, there are so many restaurants all across the globe which do follow this Greek tradition of smashing plates to remove all the evil eyes and negativity from a person so then the new page would start hurdle free.

Arpita was captured in the video as totally letting her inhibitions free by just enjoying herself as she removes evil eyes from her life with it.

Source: Sharmila Show House Instagram. This video was shared on the portal wherein Arpita is seen smashing many plates in Dubai’s greek restaurant.

She was seen wearing a black knee-length dress minus her husband and kids.

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