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Apurva Spills All About Bells Palsy Post Fight With Kangana

Best known as the writer of films like Aligarh (2014) and Shahid (2013), ace Bollywood films script writer Apurva Asrani spills all about bells palsy post fight with Kangana through a series of tweets on his official twitter handle.

Best known as the writer of the 2017 dud film Simran that starred Kangana in leading role, Apurva Spills all about bells palsy post fight with Kangana.

Even though whilst his recent interview for the same, he didn’t really take any names at all, but we all know that finally after three long years of silence, Apurva Spills all about bells palsy post fight with Kangana.

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Certainly the fight between him and Kangana for the credits of being writers of the 2017 film Simran which failed to create an impact on box office, is well known by all.

Ace bollywood film writer Apurva Asrani had gotten facial paralysis after his tension and stress filled fight with the quintessential fashionista Kangana wherein it also was followed by public fallout with Kangana and went on till mudslinging each other over the official writer credits whilst the shooting of Hansal Mehta’s 2017 directorial venture Simran. He has now on his social media twitter account spoken about battling bells palsy after getting into the dirtiest verbal spat with Kangana.

Taking to his official twitter handle, he wrote about it in a series of tweets with a picture where within the first tweet he wrote, “I spent almost 40 years of my life anxiously trying to make my career, my relationships & my health work. But the more I tried, the more I was exhausted. Navigating the big city, navigating traffic, I was always hurrying, because no matter how much I tried, I was always late”.

Source: Apurva Asrani Twitter. He revealed all about his illness bells palsy post fight with Kangana.

Without mentioning Kangana’s name in the next tweet, he continued and wrote, “Then at the cusp of turning 40, after a stressful fight with a leading actress, I was struck with #BellsPalsy, a form of bilateral facial paralysis. This was accompanied by severe vertigo & nausea. I was forced to stop everything, including the editing of #madeinheaven”.

Source: Apurva Asrani Twitter. He also wrote about his disease #BellsPalsy in this tweet that he got after 2017.

In the third and final tweet of the series, he wrote, “I was forced to move out of the city, to slow down and to make myself my priority. I decided to only do work that stirred my soul, and to give up on the rat race. 3 years later, I thank God for pushing me towards a slow life. I know now that things meant to happen, will”.

Source: Apurva Asrani Twitter. In this tweet he also mentioned about how he is in a happy space right now.

Apurva was very unhappy with Kangana who just claimed to have co-written the film script of the Hansal Mehta film Simran and had also told about his feeling of betrayal at that time by the actress.

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