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Monday, June 14, 2021
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Posting His Schedule, Diljit Takes Dig At Kangana’s Hashtag

Diljit Kangana war of words continues yet again on Twitter after the calm of few days wherein even Kangana posted her schedule of the day and ended her tweet caption with #Diljeet_Kitthe_aa, post this even Diljit gave it back to her in a sarcastic and humorous way wherein by posting his schedule as a response, Diljit takes a dig on Kangana's hashtag.


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The much controversial and much loved Kangana versus Diljit social media war on Twitter has yet again gained a momentum after a gap and silence of few days on both the sides, as recently the fashion diva Kangana posted a tweet describing her day to day activity on Twitter to her fans and in the end she added hashtag, #Diljeet_Kitthe_aa. On this, the globally prominent Pollywood / Bollywood singer / superstar Diljit gave his reply wherein even his fans started cracking up as they that by posting his schedule, Diljit takes dig at Kangana’s hashtag.

Post this controversial non-slang styled proper roast of Kangana by Diljit related to the farmer’s protest and many other things on Twitter, within the last week itself which made a huge subsequent jump in the actor’s fan following since many people globally started following him on twitter and Instagram, Diljit has become the G.O.A.T. just like his song name itself for being the only Bollywood superstar to come forward and roast Kangana like this on social media and also earned the respect, love and support from both the industries be it Pollywood or Bollywood. Twitterverse and netizens went on a roll and started laughing hard by witnessing that even by posting his schedule, Diljit takes dig at Kangana’s hashtag.

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Kangana versus Diljit is trending on Twitter once again as both Kangana and Diljit are at it yet again where today Kangana had written a fresh new tweet targeting Priyanka and Diljit by questioning them that do they even know about the farmers bill. Amidst the ongoing farmers protest in India, now the Panga (2019) fame quintessential fashionista of Bollywood has tweeted about her schedule of the day with her fans but yet again, also used the hashtag # Diljeet_Kitthe_aa in the end of the tweet. Post which, now with a proper sarcastic yet humorous styled answer, posting his schedule, Diljit takes dig at Kangana’s hashtag.

On twitter, reacting to a news report by Times Now which said about Farmers Protests being hijacked, Kangana wrote a tweet for the same which read, “Again what I said was true, hypothetically speaking if this matter was in court today I would have been officially vindicated, next time chillar party before abusing, harassing, mocking or targeting me remember you are talking to the MOTHER 👑 of all fathers… #Diljeet_Kitthe_aa”.

Further she wrote another tweet wherein she shared about her schedule and activities of the day which read, “Today after working in a 12 hours shift in Hydrabad this evening I flew down to Chennai to attend a charity event, how do I look in yellow? Also #Diljeet_Kitthe_aa ? Everyone is looking for him here on twitter”.

Source: Kangana Ranaut Twitter. She has posted her schedule of the day and also ended her tweet with caption #Diljeet_Kitthe_aa.

In return, replying to the Rangoon (2017) actress, Diljit Dosanjh wrote a tweet in punjabi which read “Subha Uth Ke GYM Laya..Fer Sara Din Kam Kita .. Hun Mai Saun Lagga Haan..AH Lao Fadh Lao MERA SCHEDULE #MeraSchedule #AaJa #Aaja”. In his tweet, Diljit shared what all he did today by starting with how he got up in the morning followed by working the entire day, and is now off to bed for sleeping and asked Kangana to now read his schedule. Both the actors took pot-shots and digs at each other.

Source: Diljit Dosanjh Twitter. he shared this sarcastic yet humorous response as an answer to Kangana’s tweet where #Diljeet_Kitthe_aa even trended on Twitter.

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