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A Final Reply To Krk from Rohit Choudhary!

A trending tweet and a series of tweets later come Rohit’s final reply to KRK; and a strong one at that.

The Twitter battle between Producer/Actor Rohit Choudhary and Kamal R Khan (KRK) has been trending for the last week. Post Rohit leaking audio recordings of KRK demanding 25 Lakhs from director / Producer Anil Sharma for not doing any negative promotion of his film. KRK even assured him that 25 lakhs would ensure he would give the movie a good review. He even negotiated the amount and agreed to reduce 5 lakhs and give a positive review for 20 lakhs.

Following the leaked audio tapes, KRK retorted with series of tweets clarifying that his reviews were genuine and not paid promotions; he even name-called Rohit and used abusive language to clarify his stance. KRK in response has dragged many a name in his tweets to make his tweets sound genuine and real. In response, Rohit has decided not to let this slip and has given responded to KRK’s tweets yet again.

Rohit has decided to take legal action against KRK and decided not to let this injustice continue. He is charged to fight back and ensure that KRK’s menace stops. 2nd July tweeter saw the trend #KRKBlackMailer trend all day. It doesn’t look like this is just a battle of words, Rohit is ready to take action and stop the verbal slander; it doesn’t look like this time KRK is going to get away with random tweets about people and their work. Rohit says, “It is not about what he says about me, I don’t care and it doesn’t matter. But it is high time that he is taught a lesson. No one has stopped him from reviewing or tweeting what he likes; it is a democracy and everyone is free to voice their opinions. But blackmailing, harassing, and torturing people is against humanity and I am positive that even the judicial system of India will not allow someone like him to sit in Dubai and make life difficult for others.”

Fans are clearly supporting Rohit and it is evident with the #KRKBlackMailer tweet trending and the many comments people have left under Rohit’s final reply to KRK’s baseless and abusive tweets. A befitting reply to a man who not just plays with words but with people’s lives.

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