Rishab Shetty Denies Taking A Dig At Rashmika Mandanna, Says This!

Rishab Shetty recently denied reports and rumors claiming that he took a dig at Rashmika Mandanna for leaving Kannada industry after delivering one hit film.

Kantara fame actor and filmmaker Rishab Shetty recently spoke about how much he admired the Kannada film industry at the IFFI event. At the 54th International Film Festival of India, the actor said that he would never leave the Sandalwood industry. Soon after he made the statement many netizens began speculating that he was hinting at other South actors like Rashmika Mandanna for leaving Kannada film industry.

Recently at the 54th International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Kantara actor Rishab Shetty revealed that he had previously been offered many Bollywood films, however, he chose not to do any Hindi films since he doesn’t plan on leaving Kannada film industry.

The actor credited the success of his film Kantara to the Kannada audience who made it a blockbuster hit. Rishab Shetty also said that unlike many actors he would not be leaving Kannada film industry after delivering just one hit.

Reacting to his statement many netizens felt that the actor was hinting at Animal actress Rashmika Mandanna who left the Kannada film industry after delivering hit film, Kirik Party. However, a netizen later came out in his defense saying that he wasn’t hinting at the actress but just said it in general.

The user tweeted, “This is what he actually said. He meant that he doesn’t want to be called a person who’s leaving the industry after delivering one hit. It does not imply ‘I’m not leaving Kannada industry like others’. Lot of difference.”

Reacting to his tweet, actor Rishab Shetty appreciated him for not misunderstandings nd delivering false narratives online. Rishab tweeted, “No problem! Finally someone understood what I really meant to say.”

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