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Bumps and lumps are normal: Motorola to its foldable phone Razr’s users

Motorola has released a series of videos to advise users on how to use and take care of the company's foldable smartphone 'Razr'.

Before you consider buying Motorola’s fancy Razr foldable phone, make sure you go through a video posted on the brand’s YouTube channel. The video titled “Caring for Razr” warns users to keep the screen dry, beware of sharp objects, avoid screen protectors and make sure that you close the phone before putting it in your purse or pocket.

But there’s one more warning sign that users should know before shelling out $1500 on the new Motorola Razr: “the screen is made to bend; bumps and lumps are normal.”

This is the same company that previously showed full faith in the durability of the Flex View display. At the time of launch, Motorola told Bloomberg that the Razr’s unique clamshell design “won’t succumb to the durability issues.” However, it now seems that Motorola isn’t so sure about the plastic foldable screen used in the new Razr. Having said that, this shouldn’t come as a big surprise.

Those who are putting their money on the new Motorola Razr should know that this is a first-generation device. We all remember what has happened with the Galaxy Fold, Samsung’s most ambitious smartphone. The company had to delay the release of its $1980 foldable phone indefinitely because of durability issues. While the Motorola Razr may look enticing, thanks to its flip phone factor and clever hinge design, but the fact remains that the device is still far away from being a mainstream smartphone.

Motorola Razr comes with two screens – one inside and the other outside. When unfolded, the handset has a 6.2-inch OLED screen, and outside, it has a 2.7-inch colour OLED screen. The folding phone is powered by the Snapdragon 710 processor coupled with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. The device does not support 5G connectivity.

Pre-orders for the Motorola Razr went live on February 26 in the US. The device is exclusive to Verizon in the US. There’s no word on the Razr’s availability in India, though some reports suggest the launch will happen soon.

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