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CM Punk returns back to WWE: But it’s not what you think!

Though it was speculated that CM Punk would return back to WWE, that didn’t stop fans from freaking out after Cult of Personality began blasting on the speakers. And though CM Punk is back, he won’t be stepping in the ring for wrestling. Instead, we will be seeing Phil Brooks in WWE Backstage, a talk show on FOX discussing the wrestling company.

CM Punk made his entrance with his iconic theme song after Renee Young announced a special surprise towards the end of this week’s WWE Backstage. Dressed casually in a pair of white tee paired with black jeans, a black hoodie, and black sneakers and flaunting his buzz cut, he looked smoking HOT! While the cast was seen welcoming him, Punk belted out to the cameras, “It’s as simple as this: Just when they think they’ve got the answers, I change the culture.”

Even WWE on Fox’s official Twitter page tweeted, “Ho-ly sh*t! Your chants have been answered! @CMPunk just showed up on #WWEBackstage on @fs1 – he’ll be appearing periodically on the show beginning next Tuesday night at 11 pm ET!”

Though fans are excited and stuff to see CM Punk back after waiting for a return for the longest time, Punk will work only for FOX and not WWE, while for him to return back to the ring may take a couple of more years to actually come to fruition. 

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