Hemant Sinha’s Extraordinary Life Penned By Dr. Razi Ahmed In “My Portion Of Sky”

My Portion Of Sky is a memoir of retired, successful businessman and philanthropist Hemant Sinha from Ranchi, Jharkhand.

Award-winning author Dr. Razi Ahmed’s latest book “My Portion Of Sky” is a memoir of businessman and philanthropist Hemant Sinha who dedicated his life to the betterment of the people. Hemant Sinha successfully ran ‘Advanced Diagnostic Centre’ (ADC) for many years, which was a pioneering institution in cutting-edge medical imaging and healthcare in Eastern India. He is regarded as a ‘man with a golden heart’ for providing free treatment to financially deprived patients.

The unconventional memoir attempts to compile the moments of Sinha’s extraordinary life through the casual conversations between him and his friend and author Dr. Razi. The book offers the raw wisdom from Hemant’s life experiences.

Dr. Razi is popularly known for his previously released bestselling book “The Secret Of The Palamu Fort”. He was awarded with Best Budding Author of India at India Icon Awards 2019. He is a Critical Care Specialist and author.

“My Portion Of Sky” is available on Amazon and Flipkart. The book is also listed on Kindle. The memoir serves as an inspiration for people of all ages and motivates us to follow a path of kindness and empathy. The story of this unsung hero is a must-read of 2023.

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