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Coronavirus: PM Modi Announces ‘Janta Curfew’ On 22nd March from 7 am to 9pm

During this curfew, all but those involved in providing essential services, will have to stay indoors. Modi said the success of this effort and the experiences from it will prepare the country for the challenges ahead.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday called for a ‘Janata Curfew’ on Sunday as he addressed the nation on measures to fight coronavirus.

“I am requesting your support for ‘Janata Curfew’. The curfew will be in place from 7 am to 9 pm on Sunday, March 22,” PM Modi said.

He said no citizen, barring those in essential services, should step out of the house during the ‘Janata Curfew’.

PM Modi urged the citizens to stay indoors as much as possible, saying the world has never seen a danger as grave as this.

“Even World War I and II did not affect as many countries as coronavirus has done,” PM Modi.

Asking people to sacrifice “some weeks of yours, some time of yours”, Modi said given that coronavirus has no cure yet, the only way to stay safe is to stay indoors.

“I request all people in country to get out of house only when it is extremely necessary, try and do all work from home,” he said.

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