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Donald Trump says Confident we are going to have coronavirus vaccine by year end

US President Donald Trump during an interview said, "We are very confident we are going to have a vaccine by the end of the year." "We're pushing very hard. We're building supply lines...we have many companies who are, I think close," he added.

President Trump is giving a sit-down interview with Fox news, and taking calls from viewers about the coronavirus.

Asked about a Covid-19 vaccine, he says: “We are very confident we are going to have a vaccine by the end of the year.”

Trump is asked about schools going back in the US in September: “We have to go back,” he says, adding that he is concerned about some older teachers and their possible exposure to the virus.

He’s criticising the Democrat’s response to the pandemic, implying it would suit their political purposes if the virus outcome was worse.

He talks about hydroxychloroquine, reminding viewers that he doesn’t own shares in the company that produces it: “We don’t lose anything with hydroxy …. people aren’t dying from it.”

He’s asked why he didn’t act earlier on the virus, and says his intelligence was that “on January 23 I was told there could be a virus coming but it was of no real import,” and then reminds viewers he stopped flights from China early.

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