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Users criticise HDFC Bank, say net banking outage delayed salaries

After HDFC Bank's snag-hit net banking remained down for the second day straight, several customers have criticised the bank claiming their salaries were delayed. A user wrote, "So the NetBanking and mobile app both are down for the entire day. What a shame! I can't pay my bills." The bank said that the platforms have resumed working for some users.

Irate customers took to Twitter to express their displeasure at the non-working of HDFC Bank net banking facility. From customer tweets, it is understood that the net banking facility has been down for a few days. Even the mobile app is not functional, adding to customers’ woes.

Customers who avail of netbanking facility to pay bills, credit card payments and fund transfers complained of the inconvenience faced.

When HDFC Bank was contacted, the spokesperson said he was unaware about the glitch and would ‘revert soon’.

Author and banker Ravi Subramanian asked about it on Twitter:

Customers who use credit cards expressed alarm as they cannot pay their outstanding dues. Some who have paid were unable to know the payment status.

The credit card interest rates can vary from 18 percent to 36 percent per annum, subject to the card provider’s policy and the applicant’s profile.

Credit cards account for 30 percent of the credit report of an individual. The score deteriorates fast with any kind of failure to repay the credit bill. This will impact the creditworthiness of the individual, making her ineligible for any loan or card in the near future. The interest on the outstanding amount is calculated for each day of delay. Since the credit card interest rates are usually on the higher side, this can cause the outstanding amount to pile up massively. When customers choose to pay interest by delaying the payment of credit bill, they have to pay a much higher price.

Some customers mentioned that two-factor authentication is also not working.

Some account holders wondered if there is a crisis:

A few customers of the bank tweeted that its customer care department was not responding to their queries, adding to their fears:

A few aggrieved customers rated the netbanking facility of the bank as the worst among all other banks.

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