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6 Hilarious Viral Memes That Defined The Year 2020

With this year 2020 officially departing from all of us within the next few days now, these are the 6 hilarious viral memes that defined the year 2020.

This year was totally unexpected and just out of the box for the entire world thanks to the deadly disease Coronavirus pandemic that has still plagued every country worldwide but yes thankfully we survived this coronavirus with the right doses of memes that kept us going even in lockdown and work from home and now we bring the list of 6 hilarious viral memes that defined the year 2020.

This year we saw a heart wrenching global pandemic that left people homeless and stranded, traumatic and nightmarish wildfires that made our hearts bleed by the environmental brutality, social unrest in the world, dirty politics during the 2020 US presidential elections along with the tested diplomatic ties and relations this year. But thanks to the light hearted memes on social media, youth globally survived this awful year and we bring forth 6 hilarious viral memes that defined the year 2020.

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Let’s See List Of 6 hilarious viral memes that defined the year 2020 –

1. Cardi B Yelling Coronavirus (March 2020) – When the countries began stopping all their operations globally in March 2020 and America knew too little of the deadly coronavirus, It was pop singer Cardi B’s monologue about being scared of deadly coronavirus that went viral whereby in an Instagram video, she was heard yelling, “CoronaVIRUS! Coronavirus! I’m telling you, shit is real! Shit is getting real!”. This bizarre yet melodic rant has been made into countless tracks ever since, including this one by DJ Snake.

Source: DJ Snake Twitter. he shared this dope remix viral meme on his handle which went viral.

2. Last Minute Crushes (March 2020) – In midst of the COVID 19 pandemic mixed with the national guard patrolling protests for racial equality for ending racial discrimination along with a strategized US presidential election, it did feel like the world was on the verge and brink of collapsing multiple times just within this year and honestly there was no other better timing than the civil unrest for confessing your hidden feelings to someone.

Source: Ellie Schnitt Twitter. Her tweet dated March 2020 went viral in this pandemic.

3. Nature is healing, we are the virus (March 2020) – As all the people around the globe stayed in their homes to stop the spread of coronavirus outside, images of mother earth and nature healing without human being’s constant interference started going viral on social media wherein we saw images of elephants grazing in fields and dolphins were seen enjoying their fun in Venice’s canals attached with clear messages of how humans are the problem where the phrase, “Nature is healing, we are the virus” were coupled with weirdly fascinating pictures of totally empty cities for a more satirical yet funny take on the meme.

Source: Ron Ronson Twitter. This tweet trend was also loved by the netizens and youth whilst in the lockdown.

4. Gossip Girl Memes (April 2020) – Nothing can beat the “I’ve been indoors for the past month with little to no social interaction” in the best way ever like the always relevant and forever loved Gossip Girl meme that took over the internet by storm in April whilst the ongoing pandemic lockdown. This meme resonated with the fans so much that they purposefully rearranged letters from the show’s title screen for some light hearted yet humorously delighted broken trend on social media.

Source: Ryan Streit Twitter. She shared this much loved tweet trend in April 2020 to give comic relief to everyone.

5. The Himbo / Bimbo Comeback (June 2020) – This was certainly the year of being just hot, dumb and respectful whilst being in home quarantine during the lockdown where Himbo means a clichéd typical masculine guy who may not be intellect but is very pure by his heart made a comeback in this year 2020 globally thanks to the weird unfortunate discourse wherein even its sister term bimbo made a strong comeback but unlike their insulting real roots and origins, self-announced himbos and bimbos are regaining their lifestyle. Similarly it was also seen that the empty headed memes are also dominating 2020’s internet globally as this year has been so devastating, it’s just normal to not think about it that much.

Source: Chi Chi Ai twitter. she shared this song lyric video on her tweet and also made it one of most hilarious viral memes of 2020.

6. Da Vinky (September 2020) – the Voros twins also popularly known as Da Vinky twins, are the pat and perfect example of himbos. They both are two pro wrestlers by profession who are totally wholesome and also not the smartest. A TikTok video of the twins trying to answer questions went viral on social media when upon trying to find out who exactly is the masterpiece artist that painted the Mona Lisa frame they read the answer as “Da Vinky”?. Which is the exact laugh we needed in this quarantine lockdown. We also saw how this video made it to the Late Late Show With James Corden.

Source: Voros Twins Twitter. This Da Vinky trend was another hilarious meme that made the otherwise mellow and somberly bad year 2020 a bit bearable for youth across the globe.
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