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5 Insensitive Bhojpuri Songs On Coronavirus

While the world is struggling to fight deadly coronavirus, the Bhojpuri music industry is busy making cheap songs on the same.

The entire world is currently fighting the deadly coronavirus that has claimed over 3,000 lives and has affected more than 90,000 people across the globe. Airports are on high alert, people have canceled their international trips, some corporate offices have announced work from home, the economy is suffering and our Bhojpuri industry is making insensitive and cheap songs to encash the trend. Here’s a list of 5 songs that have been made and are available online:

1- “China Ke Pichkari Mein Corona Virus Ba” by Khesari Lal Yadav

2- “Hello Kaun Corona Virus” by Khushboo and Pravin Uttam

3- “Coronavirus Ba Choli Mein” by Aryan Bhai

4- “China Se Aail Ba Corona virus” by Rintu Gupta

5- “Lahenga Mein Corona Virus” by Guddu Rangeela

Samar Singh, the popular singer and actor of the Bhojpuri film industry slammed those who are making songs on such a sensitive topic. In an exclusive interview with Lehren, he also said that because of these few people, the entire industry is seen in a bad light.

These songs have left people in anger who are now slamming the Bhojpuri industry on Twitter. A user wrote on Twitter, “I really want to know what drugs these bhojpuri songwriters writing songs about coronavirus are on bro.”

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