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8 Indian Indigenous Breweries Which Are Perfect For Weekends

To make our weekend full of much needed buzz along with the chill vibes in order to break the monotony, Even our country is no less as now our 8 home grown indigenous Indian breweries are getting famous in India which are perfect for our weekends.

We all know that nowadays especially in this year 2020 with the COVID 19 pandemic going on, everyone is working from their homes and going out only when needed. Work from home often makes us feel tired and exhausted at times with our weekdays making us feel lethargic and monotonous at times. So now to make the weekend interesting and buzzy, this is a list of 8 Indian indigenous breweries which are perfect for weekends.

We are talking about beer which is globally loved and adored by people from all age groups right from 16 years old kids to 60 years old senior citizens. Usually we go loving and lauding international beers, but now our country is also not behind and lagging anymore in this department where now we’ll bring forth a list of 8 Indian indigenous breweries which are perfect for weekends.

Some truly excellent and mind blowing beer has been created right in our country India which are not much known, but honestly they are on equal level with global standards. It’s true that here we may not have an equal beer tasting festival like globally prominent OktoberFest, but this is indeed a good sign that now our choices are getting much varied and diverse with changing times and so, here’s a specially curated list of 8 Indian indigenous breweries which are perfect for weekends.

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1. Maka Di –

Maka Di is a home grown Indian Beer based in Goa which means “Give me one” in Konkani and it comes from the house of Latambarcem Brewers that’s situated in Goa where their 5 flavours include Maka Di Honey Ale, American Lager, Belgian Tripel, Belgian Wheat-Blanche, and The Bavarian Keller.

2. Kati Patang –

Concocted by using Himalayan sparkling water along with diverse aromatic flavoured malts, this dark brown colored ale has gotten very popular in such a short time span in India. Its unique and intriguing name sets it apart from the other typical beers which also indicates towards freedom and unabashed creativity that goes very aptly with the taste of this crafted beer which has a sweet caramel flavour with tinge of mild citrus tang in it.

3. Eight Finger Eddie –

Eight Finger Eddie has been named after the first ever hippie that graced his footsteps to beachy town of Goa and its shores where this IPA is a tribute and homage to the countless generations of tourists and travellers that have made Anjuna what it is today where this beer has a very creamy texture fused with a citric tangy taste of tropical fruits that is just right choice for a brunch with a boozy weekend afternoon.

4. Pineapple Saison –

This is another killer brand of beer that has been created at the Goa Brewing Company where with this second release they have yet again stayed connected to their tropical roots and this is a tastefully curated brewery with apt mix of fruit flavours which include pineapple, wild berries, ginger and other local herbs. But it’s a very seasonal beer that is available only while summers.

5. Arbor Craft Beer Cans –

Bangalore based home grown beer Arbor holds the title of being the only one which is India’s first American craft brewery where its various and tasteful beers have gotten the cult status over past so many years, where they also sell beer cans across both Karnataka and Goa with three flavours which are Easy Rider American Wheat, Bangalore Bliss Hefeweizen, and Beach Shack IPA.

6. UB Export –

This commercial brand Indian beer is indeed a real hidden gem which is heavily in demand and is brought by people of Karnataka a lot which originally comes in from United Breweries, the same brand that makes Kingfisher and even though it has been associated with such a well-known brand, UB Export is not much known and especially, the beer is very heavy and mildly sweet which is pocket friendly.

7. Simba –

Simba is becoming more and more well renowned in India along with expanding itself at a very consistent level each day without any compromise on the essentials where they strictly pay close attention to the quality of each ingredient where people can choose from varieties of Wit, Stout, Light and strong.

8. White Rhino –

This Indian beer has a distinctive taste that’s slowly also been gaining a lot of favour and fan following of its own where this one comes in two varieties only of Wheat and Lager form and is a bit more pricey from the other breweries but then too it is a very strong favored brew which goes down easily in our throat.

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