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10 Best Restaurants In Mumbai Which Scream Being Pocket Friendly

Mumbai is now home to so many different food connoisseurs and has food for every person that comes here, ranging from cheap and pocket friendly to slightly expensive and very costly, there are 10 best restaurants in Mumbai which scream being pocket friendly.

Mumbai like the name itself says is a city for dreamers and everyone who comes with their dreams and a pocket full of hopes to turn their ideas into reality. This city is home to people from all walks of life and for those who dare to make their visions into a success, Mumbai is a city which has always been very open, warm and welcoming as whenever someone from outside comes here, the city engulfs them into Mumbai as one of them for which they never feel like an outsider anymore. This city is home to the biggest fraternity that being Bollywood followed by TV industry and from biggest stars to smallest ones everyone has a place of their own in the hearts of audiences and fans which is the charm of this city. Just like the famous saying, “Mumbai is a city, but Bombay is an emotion” every kid of the 90’s can connect and resonate to the same. Best part is, no one sleeps empty stomach in this city where even at 3 or 4 am in the night, you would get something to eat no matter what. So even if students or working people have a cash crunch towards the end of the month, then they shouldn’t really worry about it as there are 10 best restaurants in Mumbai which scream being pocket friendly.

This is the typical every month scene in metropolitan cities where students, youth, and working people always face the dreaded problem of cash shortage towards the end of the month. Also, Mumbai is a city full of hopes which has drawn and attracted millions of people from across the subcontinents to make their own careers as food connoisseurs with their own restaurants and food joints along with some people just having their own outlets where they have from years of their experiences brought in large variety of different and delicious cuisines which are affordable and cheap for every human being that comes in this city, due to which today our chest swells with pride when we see how quickly and amazingly Mumbai has become a home to so many vast kinds of food cuisines that cater to the foodie in each one of us where not only do the age old cafes serve gob smacking food at pocket friendly prices, But also the famous street food of Mumbai is no less in this department as their scrumptious street binge worthy eats are also found in almost every other gully. So if you are feeling a sudden money shortage towards month end, worry not as these are the 10 best restaurants in Mumbai which scream being pocket friendly.

From yummylicious chicken tikka, mutton gravy and biryani to tasty binge worthy wada pav, dosa, pani puri and so on we are bringing forth a list of 10 best restaurants in Mumbai which scream being pocket friendly.

Mumbai is a dreamy city that fulfills the visions and dreams of people daring to take risks, and for every person here no matter big or small, food is a necessity of life so these are the 10 best restaurants in Mumbai which scream being pocket friendly.

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1. Café Madras –

Source: Cafe Madras Instagram.

Café Madras is located in Matunga, and is also one of the most famous cafes here which specializes in vegetarian south indian dishes where their mouth watering food keeps the restaurant busy and filled up with all types of people the entire day especially their extensive breakfast menu in café is to die for. Their most famous dishes here are Idli podi and rasam idli that literally melts in your mouth, along with the different types of dosas which are Raagi Masala Dosa, Neer Dosa and so on. The way people end their brunch and eating ritual here is with a steaming hot cup of the famous filter coffee also known as ‘kaapi’. Cost for two people is only Rs 250.

2. Sarvi –

Sarvi is yet another famous eatery place and joint that is situated in Byculla and is very famous at all times for their mouth-watering and spicy non vegetarian food where the most famous expensive dishes which slightly priced a little bit on high side when compared to their cheaper egg dishes are Chicken Afghani, Bheja Masala Fry, Brain Masala and Mutton Rashoda. Cost for 2 people is Rs 350.

3. Khaau Gully –

Khaau Gully is another famous street food place which is every foodie’s and food lovers paradise that is situated in the fort area at Churchgate in Mumbai and it is a long list of small food joints that has delicious binge food eats catering to everyone’s palate. Most famous food items here are pani puri bhel, dahi vada, sev puri, pav bhaji, vada pav, batata vada and baida roti. Cost for two people is between Rs 100 to 200.

4. Amar Juice Centre –

This is another famous food eatery and joint that is situated in Vile Parle, Santacruz and now in Borivali as well. Their most famous and best-selling dish here is their steaming hot and succulently flavoured Pav Bhaji which is also served with toppings of butter and cheese and other famous dishes include Tawa Pulao, Chutney masala pav, butter idli and club sandwich. Being a vegetarian eatery joint, it is always filled and flocked with people wanting to have good quality food at pocket friendly cheap prices. Cost for two people here is Rs 600.

5. Kyani & Co –

The longest surviving and also most famous Irani café in town side area of Churchgate which holds a very special and important place in every Mumbaikar’s heart is the Kyani bakery which is located in the constantly hustling bustling Marine Lines where the most special part here is that it makes for a perfect morning or afternoon meal to provide you energy for working the rest of the day as their food is delicious and lip smacking. Regular people who visit on a daily basis always order a sweet chai and bun maska without a second thought. Famous dishes here are the Mutton Puff, Chicken Irani Kebab, Chicken cheese Bhurji, Chicken Sali Boti and the famous Keema Pav. Price for two people here is Rs 350.

6. Baghdadi –

This is the go to eatery and a very famous hard core non vegetarian food restaurant joint that the late night people go to without a doubt. Situated in Colaba, Baghdadi is always found to be open even in the wee and late nightish hours of 3 or 4 am in the morning where their famous dishes are shammi kebabs, Bhuna Mutton, Bheja Fry, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Baida Roti and Seekh Kebab. Price for two people here is Rs 600.

7. Sardar Pav Bhaji –

Located in Tardeo, Sardar Pav Bhaji is another very popular and must go to food destination that is a very mandatory and common favorite foodie joint amongst the office going crowds of South Mumbai. Their pav bhaji is what brings countless number of people to their doorstep and restaurant to enjoy their spicy and tasty bhaji with soft buttery pavs. Apart from pav bhaji being famous dish, masala pav and cheese pav bhaji are other hot selling dishes at this place. Cost for two people here is Rs 250

8. Hotel Ram Ashraya –

Hotel Ram Ashraya is another popular food joint place which is getting more famous especially amongst the working office crowds in the city and is situated in Dadar. This place which opens at the crack of dawn right at 5 am in the early morning, Hotel Ram Ashraya is the best restaurant to have a hot cup of strong filter coffee, with a plate of their famous south indian butter Idli Podi, Rasam Vada and Dosas which are often eaten by regular customers as a part of their hearty and self-satisfactory fulfilling breakfast meal. Other fast selling dishes which we can eat at any time of the day are Bun Puri, Neer Dosa, Medu Vada, Mysore Uttapam, Onion and Tomato Omelette and Bisibele Bhath. Cost for two people here is Rs 200.

9. Yazdani Bakery and Restaurant –

Yazdani Bakery and Restaurant is one of the most anciently made oldest and longest surviving Iranian bakery in the city which is every traveller’s must go to spot for their delectable and yummy dishes and existing since the time Mumbai was called Bombay, this place is situated in the popular fort area of Mumbai and is a top famous and hottest spot for people from all age groups who are always looking for quick yet mouth-watering food. Their famous dishes are freshly baked bread with herbs and garlic, Apple Cinnamon Pie, Carrot Cake, Bread Pudding, Mawa Cake and everyone’s favourite bun maska which is incomplete without the Irani chai, however the best time to come here is at 9 am in the morning since the bakery runs out of its baked food items very quickly even with their limited food menu. Cost for two people is Rs. 200.

10. Ashok Vada Pav –

This is also another famous and most popular binge eatery wada pav joint in our city. Situated in Prabhadevi, it is well renowned in all over Mumbai for their speciality which is scrumptious vada pav. Vada pav is the lifeline of every mumbaikar. Apart from their famous vada pav, you can also try your hands at their Churi Pav and Potato Fritters. Also interesting factor here is that their vada pavs come in different types and varieties like Butter Vada Pav, Sweet Tamarind and Spicy Green Chutney Vada Pav and even a Samosa Pav. Cost for two people here is Rs 100.

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