3 Hidden Clues That Indicate Prabhas’ “Salaar” & Yash’s “KGF” Belong To The Same Universe

Unveiling The Connections: Discover The Intriguing Clues Linking The Worlds Of "Salaar" And "KGF"

Much-awaited “Salaar” teaser was released today in the early hours, and it quickly garnered millions of views on social media. It also trended at the number one position on YouTube. Speculations are rife that “Salaar” might belong to the same universe as the popular film “KGF.” Let’s uncover the truth behind this and provide fans with three reasons supporting the theory that “Salaar” is part of the “KGF” universe.

1. Timing of the Teaser:

The teaser of “Salaar” was released at 5:12 am on Thursday, and this specific time choice holds a clue. In “KGF 2,” the character Rocky Bhai drowned at the same time, suggesting a connection between the two films.

2. Same Tone and Texture:

Viewers familiar with “KGF 1” and “KGF 2” know that the films have a gritty and rugged backdrop. In the teaser of “Salaar,” we witnessed a similar ambiance with a dark and rusty background set against grey sand, echoing the aesthetics of the “KGF” series.

3. Code Sign C-516/AIFA:

An accurate clue lies in the matching code number displayed on the warehouse in both movies, referred to as “code sign C-516/AIFA.” The end credit scene of “KGF 2” clearly showcases the warehouse and the code C-516/AIFA, which can also be observed in Prabhas’s “Salaar” teaser.

Regarding the Salaar teaser, it is receiving tremendous appreciation from all sides. This film holds significant potential for Prabhas, especially following the underperformance of his previous movie “Adipurush” and the controversy surrounding the distortion of the Ramayan story faced by its makers.

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