Donald Trump – Most Hated President Ever | Top 10 Reasons | Stardom

Donald Trump has redefined situational irony, as he is one of the most popular Presidents but certainly not in a positive way. Be the judge as we present to you, a list of 10 legitimate facts why Donald Trump, who is holding the most influential position in world politics, is considered to be one of the most undeserving POTUS. From being a Businessman and a Television personality to being the President of the United States, Donald John Trump has come a long way. He assumed office on the 20th of January, 2017 as the 45th POTUS after running the presidential campaign in 2016 and defeating 16 opponents before winning the final general election opposite Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. He replaced Barack Obama, a Democrat, who ran the office from 2009-2017. With Trump’s election, the United States saw a Republican President after 8 years, the previous being another infamous President, George Walker Bush (2001-2009). Donald Trump is unlike any president US has seen in recent times. Right from his outrageous presidential campaigns to his recent interviews and policy announcements, Trump has always managed to be in the spotlight, often controversially. He is the oldest and wealthiest person ever to assume the presidency, the first without prior military or government service, and the fifth to have won the election despite losing the popular vote. Trump is married to Melania Trump and has five children – Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump with his first wife Ivana Zelníčková (Ivana Marie Trump), Tiffany Trump with his second wife Marla Maples and Barron Trump with his current wife Melania Trump.