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Urfi Javed Comes Out In Support Of Sheezan Khan In Tunisha Sharma’s Case

Internet sensation Urfi Javed has come out in support of Sheezan Khan stating that he shouldn't be blamed for Tunisha Sharma's death.

Television actress Tunisha Sharma’s sudden demise has created a lot of buzz and controversies in the industry. From small screen actors to many Bollywood actors like Kangana Ranaut have shared their reactions to the suicide case of the actress. And the latest celeb to join the list is the internet sensation Urfi Javed who has now come out in support of Sheezan Khan and has stated that the actor shouldn’t be blamed for the sudden demise of the late actress.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Urfi wrote, “My 2 cents on Tunisha’s case, yes he might be wrong , he might have cheated on her but we cannot blame him for her death. You absolutely cannot make someone stay with you who doesn’t want to stay. Girls no one I REAPEAT NO ONE , is worth giving up your precious life for. Sometimes it might just seem like the end of the world but trust me it’s not. Think about the people who love you or just try loving yourself a bit harder. Be your own hero. Please give time some time. Even after suicide the suffering doesn’t end, the ones that are left behind suffer even more.”

Urfi Javed’s Instagram

Tunisha Sharma’s Death Controversy

For the unversed, Tunisha Sharma was found hanging on the sets of her show. Hours before her death the actress even shared a behind-the-scenes video while she was getting ready for her shoot. Tunisha’s mother filed an abetment to suicide case against her ex-boyfriend Sheezan.

Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul actor Sheezan Khan was taken into custody by the Mumbai police for his co-actor and ex-girlfriend Tunisha Sharma’s death. During the investigation, Sheezan opened up about his relationship with Tunisha and stated that he decided to break up with her following Shraddha Walkar’s murder case.

Apart from the same, it is also believed that Tunisha and Sheezan’s age gap has also remained a huge reason behind their breakup. Confirming the same Sheezan told the officials that apart from Shraddha Walkar’s case, Tunisha and his age gap was also a major reason behind their fallout. 

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