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TV Celebrities Wish Their Favorite Superstar SRK Happy Birthday

With the globally crowned king of romance Shah Rukh Khan's birthday just the day after tomorrow on 2nd November 2020, TV celebrities wish their favorite superstar SRK happy birthday.

The crowned king of romance across the globe SRK will be turning a year older and wiser on 2nd November 2020, and since the global superstar’s birthday is coming up in few days, TV celebrities wish their favorite superstar SRK happy birthday.

Shah Rukh Khan who taught us to fall in love with romance where his films played a big part in the same, will be turning a year older and much dapper on 2nd November 2020, and since its the Badshah of Bollywood’s birthday day after tomorrow, apart from his fans and friends even the TV celebrities wish their favorite superstar SRK happy birthday.

Not only the global fans, Bollywood film fraternity and his friends are excited and perked up for the same, but even our Indian TV industry is also thrilled and perked up where even the TV celebrities wish their favorite superstar SRK happy birthday.

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In a recent interview a few TV actors were asked about their best wishes for the King Khan and their favorite movies associated with him. Lets have a look at what they said –

During a recent interview, when TV actress Aneesha Madhok was asked about her wishes for SRK’s birthday she said, “Shah Rukh Khan is a success because he knows how to love! I think that the King Khan was born to spread love and people fell in love with his romance on screen. From what I see, he’s a wonderful father and husband. I respect him for making his kids get educated at reputable universities. His son was at my university in Los Angeles. The University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts was in the University of Southern California, where I went too. Om Shanti Om is my favourite film. I first saw it when I was 11 years old and since then I’ve been re-watching it from time to time. A very happy birthday to the smart, humorous and talented SRK. India loves him!! I love him mucho (a lot in Spanish).️ since Spanish is a romantic language, I want to say “te amo mucho (I love you) SRK and happy birthday”.

When Vikas Sethi was asked about the same, he said, “What really stands out for me is DDLJ, it’s my all-time favourite. The most admirable quality about him is that he is consistent and persistent. I wish the big Baadshah of Bollywood the happiest 55th and a splendid year ahead”.

TV actress Jhanvi Sethi when asked about her wishes for SRK, said, “I have always been a big fan of Shahrukh Khan all my life. My all-time favourite is DDLJ. I think what I admire about him is the fact that he is so committed and consistent for decades. Happy 55th birthday to SRK and wish him a beautiful year ahead”.

Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain (And TV) fame TV actor Saanand Verma when asked about his wishes for the superstar, said, “No one can be like Shahrukh Khan and one most important thing is that he was not so big initially but he worked hard to become the Badshah of the industry. His body language, dedication is unimaginable. His mind is very sharp and he was the first one who bought an IPL team and then later, other stars bought teams. He is a trendsetter and in his song Rukh Jaa o Dil Deewane, his energy is amazing. He started from TV with the serials Circus and Fauji and since that time people like him so much. I always followed and admired him. The work he has done in the movie Darr is unbelievable. I think it is one of the finest movies. My personal favourite is Chak De! India because the energy level is so high in the film”.

TV actor Savi Thakur when asked about his favorite movie associated with King Khan of Bollywood, said, “First of all, happy birthday Shah Rukh Khan sir, may you live a 100 years. Lots of love . My best wishes for your upcoming project. I think his positive attitude and confidence makes him shine brighter than other stars .. he is a gentleman and that’s why we call him the Baadshah of Bollywood. He is an inspiration for many of us (actors) because we know all about his journey of becoming King Khan. He has given great hits to Bollywood and it’s very tough to name just one. I love Devdas. He was fantastic in that movie, I have watched it so many times”.

TV actor Kunal Thakkur when asked about his all time favorite SRK film till date, said, “I feel Shahrukh is and will always remain the Baadshah of Romance…its pure bad luck that even after trying all different genres, his last few films did not work. I feel it’s just a matter of time and he will soon be back to the top of the game. His energy and aura, along with his expressive eyes, make him the king of Bollywood. I am really inspired by the way he has achieved so much considering the fact that he started his career from television. DDLJ is my favourite Shahrukh film and I must have seen it over 30 times”.

Ishq Aaj Kal (Zee 5) fame TV actor Angad Hasija when asked about what motivates him to perform better like the superstar, said, “Whenever I see Shahrukh Khan, I get motivated because he is very focused, his vibes are very good. I have worked with him a bit in Star Parivar Awards. When he came to the sets and met everybody, it was a totally different experience. It seemed like he is speaking right from his heart. When I met him for the first time, he spoke to me so nicely. He motivated everyone. His way of working is amazing and we can learn many things from him”.

Newbie hunk TV actor Suraj Kakkar when asked about his favorite timeless SRK favorite movie, said, “First of all, I love Shah Rukh Khan,  I am a Shahrukh fan. Secondly, he realised much early in life what the audiences want. People love him so much and he has respected and maintained all that love. He always bows his head in front of his fans despite his huge stardom. He loves his fans so much. He has given us such legendary films. The last few films of his haven’t worked but people still love him, it’s not anyway going to affect his stardom and career. His fans love him for what he is and that’s what makes him the Badshah of Bollywood. His dedication, the way he maintains his personality is amazing. I love his Kal Ho Naa Ho! I have watched it multiple times with my family”.

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