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The Right Upbringing Makes A Right Human Being: Vijayendra Kumeria

Vijayendra Kumeria is a family man. Be it sharing photographs of his daughter and wife on social media or driving down to Ahmedabad to bring his parents home, he is not just a doting son, but a loving husband and a hands-on father. The actor, who is currently seen in Aapki Nazron and Samjha, said that his family means the world to him.

Speaking on the occasion of International Day of Families, which is observed on May 15, he said, “Family is a synonym of love, support and care for me. Family is what nurtures you and you become a reflection of the family values.”

He feels that just like a plant needs sunlight and water to grow, similarly it’s very important to have one’s family around while growing up.

“My family has played a great role in developing my overall personality. I am a disciplined and truthful person, I respect everyone around me and keep a big heart, these are things taught to me by my family. I feel the right upbringing makes a right human being,” he stressed.

Vijayendra called his family the coolest and added, “They are very open minded. We talk about everything under the sun, yet we have our values intact.”

But do you feel COVID has made us realise the importance of family? “Yes, with the current scenario you tend to realise the importance and the care you have for your family and vice verse. When I am shooting away from home, I tend to miss my family a lot. Recently, when I got back home, I had to isolate myself till I got my negative report in hand. This is because of the love and care you have for your loved ones. COVID has made us realise the importance of family and their well-being big time,” Vijayendra concluded.

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