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Sunil Grover’s Comeback Show Faces Various Problems Before Going On Air

Sunil Grover’s comeback show Gangs of Filmistaan is facing several problems even before going on air. Shilpa Shinde quitting the show after making several allegations is considered to be a reason.

Comedian turned actor Sunil Grover is finding it hard to cement his place in the entertainment industry after he quit Kapil Sharma’s show. Apparently, Grover managed to bag a few roles in the Salman Khan starrers but still no avail. The latest update suggests that Sunil Grover’s comeback show is deep down in trouble.

The comedian’s attempts in making his own show similar to Kapil Sharma’s titled Mad In India. However, it didn’t garner a lot of attention from the viewers.

Sunil Grover’s comeback show Gangs of Filmistaan is facing several problems even before going on air.

Gangs of Filmistaan goes on air on August 31 is in deep trouble after Shilpa Shinde quit the show. She made various accusations against the show’s team as well.

The former Bigg Boss winner claims the cast being subjected to work for inhuman hours. Shilpa also said no one on the sets is following the COVID-19 guidelines.

Shinde also allegedly accused Sunil Grover of hogging all the limelight during the show.

Grover is basically not allowing space for his colleagues to perform and give their best.

The actress said, “I will raise my voice because after doing so much of work and working so hard, I have to stand in the background in the entire act.”

It seems like Shilpa Shinde’s explosive revelations have not gone well with Grover.

Apart from Grover, the show’s producer Preeti Simoes also isn’t happy with Shilpa’s outspokenness. For the unversed, Preeti is a former producer of the Kapil Sharma Show.

The sources close to the development reveal many of the actors working on the show agree with Shilpa’s allegations.

The hearsay suggests a few actors are even planning to quietly exit the show. This thing makes the situation even worse for Sunil Grover and the people involved in the making of the show.

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