Shocking! Mahabharat Actor Nitish Bharadwaj Claims He Was ‘ABUSED’ In Marriage

Mahabharat actor Nitish Bhardwaj shared thoughts on the possibility of remarriage and discussed his ongoing legal battle with his former spouse.

Actor Nitish Bharadwaj grabbed attention when he lodged a police complaint against his wife, Smita Gate. Nitish, famous for portraying Krishna in B.R. Chopra’s Mahabharat, had disclosed earlier that he initiated separation proceedings from his wife in September 2019, with the decision still pending. Now, in a recent interview, Nitish made a startling revelation, alleging that he experienced abuse within his marriage.

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In a conversation with Telly Talk India, the Mahabharat star revealed how his daughters feel disgusted to call him their father, “In this marriage, I have faced extreme amounts of abuse of all sorts, and even now with parental alienation, my two children are being taken away from me. If I tell you only the two lines my 11-year-old daughters told me, ‘Papa, we are disgusted to call you our father,’ this is what one child told me.”

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Nitish also responded to his wife’s accusation that he was seeking financial assistance, and said, “It’s a lie that I am asking for money. I’m asking for my money that I was cheated of. I feel I’m cheated. So today, it is my children’s battle I’m fighting. So I don’t know whether I’ll be able to do justice to any other woman. The institution of marriage is special to me. I believe in it. I have seen many, many, successful marriages including my parents’ marriage.”

Nitish Bharadwaj And Smita Gate’s Seperation Controversy

For those unfamiliar, Nitish Bharadwaj lodged a police complaint against his wife, Smita Gate, last month. Smita serves as the Additional Chief Secretary at the MP Human Rights Commission. The complaint alleged harassment and disruptive conduct. According to reports, Nitish accused Smita of obstructing his visits with their twin daughters, Devyani and Shivranjani. He further claimed that Smita had been changing their daughters’ schools to impede his access to them, resulting in adverse effects on his mental well-being.

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Nitish gained fame for his portrayal of Lord Krishna in the popular TV series Mahabharat. He has also appeared in various other well-received shows and films such as Vishnu Puran, Mohenjo Daro, Kedarnath, and Samantar Seasons 1-2. Nitish’s depiction of Lord Krishna garnered immense admiration from the audience, elevating him to a revered status for his portrayal.

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