Nitish Bharadwaj Accuses His Estranged Wife IAS Smita Ghate Of ‘Parental Alienation’, Deets Inside

Nitish Bharadwaj registered a complaint against his estranged wife Smita Ghate, who is an IAS officer for kidnapping their daughters. He asked for her mental health checkup under article 12 of the family court act.

Actor Nitish Bharadwaj is trending everywhere as he himself put his family matter in front of the entire media. He accused his estranged wife, IAS officer Smita Ghate Bharadwaj, of kidnapping their daughters. The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal Police, and Bombay Family Court are involved in this matter. He shared all the insights into the occurrence with Aaj Tak. Nitish Bharadwaj is popular for his character of Lord Krishna in B. R. Chopra’s “Mahabharata” TV series.

Nitish Bharadwaj and his wife Smita Ghate have been undergoing a divorce procedure in Bombay family court for the last 4 and ½ years. His estranged wife didn’t let him meet their twin daughters. He is completely unaware of all the details of his daughters. He doesn’t even know where they are now. He filed a complaint against his wife for kidnapping their daughters and parental alienation. 

Smita Ghate withdrew admission of her daughters from Ooty school and shifted them to Bhopal. After 6 months, she brought them to Andheri and finally admitted them to the boarding school of Ooty. She didn’t even bother to discuss this with their father, Nitish Bharadwaj. She used her IAS authority to put pressure on The Sanskar Valley School, Bhopal and The Lawrence School Ooty and told them not to share any information regarding their daughters with their father, Nitish Bharadwaj. But she never informed the school about their separation process, he clarified. 

He showed all the legal documents obtained from court as proof of this entire matter. The actor spoke to Mohan Yadav regarding the matter as she can use her power to manipulate police. His estranged wife, Smita, has alienated their daughters from him, not only physically but also emotionally. He called this behavior obsessive and abnormal and demanded her mental health checkup under article 12 of the family court act. He also disclosed that he wouldn’t go back to her and resolve their personal dispute. “Mujhe pagal kutte ne kata hai, jo mein sulah karke shadi mein vapas chala jau”, he added.

Well, Smita Ghate hasn’t given any statement on this matter and Nitish Bharadwaj has requested the media not to use his daughters’ video or images anywhere as it may affect them.

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