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Shark Peyush And Anupam Had A Pretty Nasty Fight Over A Business Deal

Lenskart founder Peyush and Shaadi.com founder Anupam fight over the advisory part in a startup.

Shark Tank India season 2 had its first fight over an entrepreneur’s deal. In yesterday’s episode, a visually impaired entrepreneur displayed a courageous journey of how his eye condition did not stop him to become an entrepreneur. Vineet Saraiwala pitches his brand ‘Atypical Advantage’, a platform to give disabled challenged people an opportunity to make their name into the future. Aman, Namita, and Anupam all three came up to invest in the pitch with 5% equity in his company.

Peyush also made the deal but was willing to go solo. After much discussion, Anupam and Peyush had a fight, and Anupam and Peyush backed out and Aman and Namita went ahead and took the deal with Vineet.

Later in the back, we see that Peyush confronts Anupam saying that this is disrespectful to say something like that. Anupam also doesn’t lie back and says that he just said there is something different from what he is assuming. After a lot of arguments, Namita put an end to their fight.

In the later part of the episode, another mother-daughter entrepreneur comes to pitch for 2% equity in the show. Their brand House of Chikankari, a popular needlework embroidery in Lucknow swept the sharks off their feet. Piyush and Aman invested in the business and were happy to be a part of the team.

Another mom entrepreneur came to shark tank for an investment deal for a valuation of 5 crores. Magic of memories, the brand name makes customized jewelry for moms who want to preserve their kid’s first memories in form of hair, umbilical cord, tooth, etc. Sounds a little gross but she did have people buy them. The sharks also felt a little bizarre about it and called it a good middle-size business but not the potential to make it a scalable one. 

None of the sharks invested in the business but wished the ophthalmologist a bit of good luck.

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