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Raqesh About Ex-wife Ridhi: I Will Be Happy If She Finds Somebody

In a recent candid conversational chat with a leading publication, BB OTT fame Raqesh Bapat talking about ex-wife Ridhi says I will be happy if she finds somebody.

This is certainly not wrong to say that renowned TV star, TV personality and actor Raqesh Bapat has once again found love in bollywood actress Shamita Shetty thanks to renowned film producer Karan Johar’s popular reality series Bigg Boss OTT (Voot Select), and opening up in his recent interview with a leading publication about how his former wife Ridhi Dogra is happy about the same and approves his relationship with Shamita, this popular ex tinsel town couple who are great friends and also cordial with each other, Raqesh about ex-wife Ridhi says I will be happy if she finds somebody.

In this recent interview, talking about his bonding with former wife Ridhi and more, Raqesh about ex-wife Ridhi says I will be happy if she finds somebody.

Also mentioning about how Ridhi is happy as she has approved of his relationship with Shamita Shetty, Raqesh about ex-wife Ridhi says I will be happy if she finds somebody.

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Raqesh Bapat who had called up his former wife Ridhi Dogra before entering show also called the actress for wishing her birthday post show wrapped up and talking about same, he said, “All is good. She really liked my journey and said I really played well. She would be happy if I am with somebody and likewise, I will be happy if she finds somebody. Because at the end of it, we are two individuals, it’s water under the bridge now. We are two mature people and whatever decisions we have made so far were our own, we dealt with it maturely and we came out of it with flying colours”.

He also adds, “There is no bad blood at all, there is too much of respect still. And I will be happiest if she finds love in her life back and she is happy and the going is great for her. I will be elated if something like this happens. Like she is too, so yeah, it is all good”.

When asked anout his relationship status with Shamita Shetty, Raqesh reveals, “Status quo, actually. I wanted to know her better outside the house because when you are on a reality show, you are obviously not completely open. There is a personal life and public life to each one of us. I want to explore the personal life, I want to know her better because knowing her on a show is very different from knowing her personally in the outside world”.

Also adding about how he doesn’t want to put a label on it this soon, Raqesh said, “Before giving it any kind of name, this bond, we would like to know each other better. Let’s see, que sera sera. I don’t want to rush into anything and I am sure she also feels the same”.

Raqesh sharing about how his feelings and their bond is really pure and not fake only for sake of the reality TV series added, “We cannot cheat our feelings, especially on a reality show like this, because you are tested all the time. Shamita and I were genuinely fond of each other. In a house like that, you are put in situations and you always need each other’s support. That was a genuine feeling, whatever was shown”.

Also sharing that he is a person that likes hugs and kisses, Raqesh shared, ” am a person who hugs and kisses, I am a very cuddly person. It was genuine from my side and her side also. It was a comfort zone, it wasn’t at all made up. I am sure a lot of people also feel that it was genuine. There is a small segment of the audience that feels that it was fake but it’s okay, it doesn’t matter, I know what was going on and it was pure”.

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