MasterChef India 7: Netizens Trolled Ranveer Brar As He Praised Aruna Vijay’s Simple Plating 

Masterchef judge Ranveer Brar gets brutally trolled for praising contestant Arura Vijay's simple plating. have been the target of trolling for a few days because of their biased judging skills.

MasterChef Season 7’s grand finale is just around the corner, and fans are eagerly waiting to see their favorite contestant win. Contestants are also putting in their hard work to win the trophy. However, according to the audience, some contestants get praise without any effort from the judges. As they always update you on the ongoing episodes of the show, this time we have something similar. Scroll down to read. 

Masterchef judges have been the target of trolling for a few days because of their biased judging skills. Many times we observed that the judges were showing favoritism towards Aruna Vijay. The cooking-based reality show is once again making headlines because chef Ranveer Brar was recently spotted praising Aruna Vijay’s straightforward dish and plating in an episode.

The contestants had to prepare dishes that completely balanced out all the flavors for a tasting challenge. Aruna received advice from chef Ranveer Brar while she prepared her dish, and despite it being among the simplest of the other dishes, he went on to compliment her cooking and plating abilities.

Lashing out at Ranveer and Aruna’s simple plating, netizens took to the comment section. One wrote, “Today Aruna wanted to concentrate more on plating and used 15 mins for it and this clownery is what she comes up with … with just her plating skills , the lack of which…she shd have been out of the show #MasterChefIndia.” 

Another netizen wrote, “RB’s and Garima’s remarks’this is 1 of your best ka istemaal bahut acha hai.plating mein height is so innovative’.then vikas realizes he has to say something positive too so-arunaji the way you placed the dips is a winner for methank you check mil gaya teeno ko.”

One more wrote, “Are Ranveer ji kaha embarrass honge iss plating se… unko toh Swaaaad Aaega.”

There are currently six contestants competing for the title of MasterChef India season 7: Kamaldeep Kaur, Aruna Vijay, Nayanjyoti Saikia, Santa Sarmah, Suvarna Bagul, and Gurkirat Singh.

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