Arya Parvathi’s Mother Delivers Baby At The Age Of 47

Malayalam television actress Arya Parvathi's mother delivered a baby at the age of 47, actress shares her happiness about the same.  

Malayalam television serial actress Arya Parvathi is very happy as she has welcomed her baby sister at the age of 23. While it is strange for some, everyone has accepted it with time. The fact that Arya’s mother was pregnant was a miracle, and she only learned of it when she was seven months along. The actress has now publicly discussed the birth of her sister and the pregnancy of her mother at the age of 47. 

 Arya reveals when her father informs her and tells her that her mother is pregnant. She said that this sound was a bit weird, but when her father said that it has been 8 months, in fact, her Amma also came to know about it in 7 months.

Speaking about the same with Humans of Bombay, Arya Parvathi said, I didn’t know how to react…that’s not something you just hear your parents say at 23. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. Amma was 47. And I know it’s going to sound weird but when Appa told me, Amma was already in her 8th month. In fact, when Amma herself found out, she was 7 months in…” After Appa gave me the news, he said they had kept it a secret because they didn’t know how I would react. A few days later, when I reached home, I fell on Amma’s lap & started crying. I said, ‘why would I be ashamed?’ I had wanted this for so long.

Stating that when this matter was told to the family and friends, some concerns were genuine and some were taunts, Arya and her parents did not pay any attention. Slowly, we began telling our family & friends. Some concerns were genuine, but some were taunts. But we didn’t pay any attention. And that’s why Amma’s pregnancy went by smoothly; there was no stress. Just last week, Amma delivered a girl. Life’s never made more sense. I can’t wait for her to call me ‘Didi!’ I mean, people find it weird that we have such a huge age gap, but does that even matter? It’s funny that for the longest time, we didn’t know she was going to come into our lives & now that she has, we can’t seem to stay away from her!”

Although the situation seems strange overall, people are adjusting to different cultures and ideas in light of the times we live in. The entire comment section is full of people’s blessings and expressions of happiness.

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