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Kratika Spills Beans On Joining Choti Sarrdaarni As New Lead

In a recent interview off late, the stunning and path breaking television star Kratika Sengar spills beans on joining Choti Sarrdaarni as new lead and much more.

Best known for her trailblazing performance as Tanuja / Tanu in TV czarina Ekta Kapoor’s hit serial Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki (Colors TV, 2016 – 2018), in a recent interview Kratika spills beans on joining Choti Sarrdaarni as new lead.

Sharing more details on her character and much more, in her latest interview with a leading digital entertainment portal, Kratika spills beans on joining Choti Sarrdaarni as new lead.

She made her TV comeback after a hiatus and sabbatical of 3 years with this hit serial on Colors TV and feeling elated about the love she’s been receiving from fans, Kratika spills beans on joining Choti Sarrdaarni as new lead.

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Today Kratika Sengar is a household name who has made a place for herself in the tinsel town with strong performances in TV serials from past so many years and she joined in the serial Choti Sarrdaarni as the new lead after lead actress Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia had to take a break owing to her health related reasons.

Although she is essaying a new character which is a cameo role, after her super successful stint in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki, which got over in 2018 Kratika has made a comeback on TV and is really feeling happy and on cloud nine with the love and acceptance that she is receiving from audiences and her fans as well.

Speaking about the differences she found on sets post making comeback on TV screens after 3 years, Kratika said, “I did not find any difference. In fact, for me TV sets are my second home and work is my second life. That’s why I am very happy and absolutely excited for joining this new cast and show, of course. The only change that I see on the set now is people around me are wearing masks. A lot more sanitisation happening because of the ongoing thing. Rest everything is the same”.

Sharing details when asked about following Choti Sarrdaarni as a viewer, Kratika responded, “On and off yes! Because I knew the people behind the show, I mean the director and the producers. Also, my mother-in-law and a few other family members follow this show. So, they knew exactly what the show was about. And when I told them that I have got a call from the makers to join the show with a new character, they got really excited and started insisting me ‘please karlo’. Without even knowing the track and what I will play they wanted me to join the show as they said it is a brilliant show”.

Opening up on her facing any apprehensions joining an ongoing show midway, Kratika shared, “It’s too soon to say that but as far as I have shot all these days and the kind of feedback I have got, everything is very positive. Until now I feel that me doing this show is a good decision. Honestly, before joining the show I was very apprehensive because the fact is I have always played the lead in the shows and have been part of it since the beginning. But the producer and channel people really convinced me and what they promised to deliver is happening. So, I have no complaints. I am very happy to be a part of it and everyone around me is very positive. Since day one we gelled up really well”.

Sharing real story behind why she told about not accepting the role if she had to replace Nimrit’s character, Kratika answered, “This show is a brand and it was not like Nimrit Ahluwalia who was playing the character of Meher was not doing well. She was doing fantastically well. And this shows that whatever the serial is, it is because of the cast and since day one they are working really hard. Agar aisa kuch hota ki lead is not being accepted by the audience, so, I would have still thought of stepping into her shoes and replacing her but this girl Nimrit has done a fantastic job and she is a brilliant actor. But the only reason of her taking the break from the show was her health and in that case I could have never replaced anybody”.

Furthermore, speaking about her nervousness of how she hasn’t stepped into Nimrit’s shoes but is main lead now, Kratika responded, “Definitely, all these thoughts crossed my mind. Nowadays, people have social media to give their reaction. Kitni trolling hoti hai aajkal wahan. Ki kisko le aaye? Kyun le aaye? We want our old actor. But thankfully nothing of that sort happened with me. And I am grateful to my fans and audiences for it. They understood that I am not snatching somebody’s character, its an all new character which they have introduced”.

Finally opening up on how after playing lead heroine back to back, the pressure actors experience to create something bigger than that and more, Kratika spills, “Absolutely! After all that’s how you make your career graph. It is you who make your graph. So you just can’t go and do things which is coming your way. I also agree that luck matters a lot but at the same time your experience and instinct plays an important role too to pick up any project. I will not take the shows name but I did a show which I was not confident doing and that show became super hit. So, there my instinct didn’t work but my producers instinct worked. But that doesn’t mean you will not think and decide”.

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