Bigg Boss Contestant Kavita Kaushik Lashed Out At The Trolls Who Called Her Ugly

Former Bigg Boss contestant Kavita Kaushik blasted the trolls who called her ugly.

Kavita Kaushik gained lots of love with her outstanding performance in the show FIR. With her portrayal of Chandramukhi Chautala in the SAB TV sitcom, the stunning actress won over millions of hearts and established herself as a household figure. Her followers continue to adore her for playing the Haryanvi female police officer all these years later. Kavita has recently made headlines for her participation in and voluntary exit from Bigg Boss 14. In addition to this, the actress is very active on social media and informs her followers of her locations. The actress was recently called ugly, and she blasted those who called her that.

Giving a befitting reply to the trolls, she took to her Twitter handle and wrote, “42!!! And I’m beautiful AF! Aur Hot itni hu ki uffff!!!(And I am so hot).. Sorry aapko aapke gharvaaale paalne mei daal ke bhool gaye!” 

In an interview with Hindustan Times, the former Bigg Boss contestant discussed experiencing online abuse. Revealing that she used to find these things offensive but has since learned how to handle them. Kavita said that after watching Bigg Boss, she realized how misunderstood people are in our nation and that it isn’t much you can do about it. They will interpret events from a perspective that is suitable for them. 

Kavita further revealed that sometimes people add hateful comments about her to get attention. She believes that whoever is more successful than you will never talk badly about you. “I also understand that these are buffoons who haven’t done anything in life and are extremely insecure and jealous of people who are doing well. These are the people who are probably getting beaten by their mothers for being absolute burdens in the house. They take out their frustration on the ones actually trying to do something good. To sum it up, social media is one place where most unsuccessful people are bashing successful people,” she stated. 

Speaking about her professional front, Kavita recently made her OTT debut with the crime thriller Tera Chhalaava. 

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