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Home Entertainment Television Kavita Kaushik Calls Eijaz Khan ‘Opportunist’

Kavita Kaushik Calls Eijaz Khan ‘Opportunist’

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Kavita Kaushik is very much amazed that people misinterpreted her during the fight with housemate Eijaz Khan in Bigg Boss 14, and picked up just one line and started trolling her.

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Kavita senses her argument with Eijaz went against her, and led to her eviction.

Talking to news portal, Kavita shares, “I just feel a little surprised to see how a very simple thing that I was trying to convey got so badly misinterpreted by everyone. All I was trying to convey was that this man, I don’t know, my intent was to say that this particular gentleman, does not need friendship or love.”

She adds, “All he does is use people. My mistake was that I felt bad. I played with my heart. My outburst was because I was hurt, and that went against me. I’m just a little surprised at how people have not understood that he is just using people. That is all I was trying to say.”

“Instead of taking this line that he is using people, people picked up this line that ‘Oh, I fed him food’. That just shows how gullible our audiences are. ‘Bigg Boss’ has to be played with your brain. You cannot get emotional, you cannot even get hurt. If you get hurt, If you play with your heart, then anything that comes out of your mouth, that will go totally against you. Even your goodness can go against you because of your selection of your words.”

In the last week’s episode, Kavita blasted out on Eijaz for calling her his best friend given that Kavita has never shared a bond with Eijaz outside the house. Kavita was upset because of Eijaz as she was not able to make connections with other contestants. Due to her harsh behaviour, Eijaz was seen crying in front of Nikki.

She also shared how Eijaz contacted her during lockdown and asked her to cook for him. She further said Eijaz is not her friend and yet she agreed to cook for him because he has no one else. However, Kavita’s remarks did not go well with the followers of Eijaz, and started trolling her.

Talking about it, Kavita shares, “The thing is that he doesn’t need anybody. I was not trying to paint him as someone needy. I’m seeing things on Twitter like ‘okay, he needed you in the lockdown’. No, he does not need anyone. What I was trying to say is that I was hurt because I thought he needed me. But, no, he is totally fine. He is very smart with the game. He is just using people. He does not need friends or love. He needs chamchas, which is clear in the episodes that are coming up. I have nothing against him.”

Kavita also shared that Eijaz is trying to create an image of himself in the show, and he was trying to use her. She understood that and reacted according to it.

She calls Eijaz an opportunist.

“He just uses people to go ahead and that’s showing in the game. What wrong was I saying? I am seeing so much trolling. I have become very thick-skinned because anything I say now, people start trolling me.”

However, Kavita now thinks, Eijaz is playing the dirty game.

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