Kapil Sharma Gets Emotional Talking About His Father’s Death

While interacting with Zakir Khan, comedian Kapil Sharma remembered his father and shared how his mother is the "heroine" of his life.

Kapil Sharma is a household name. He has been making us laugh for over a decade. The man who is our source of laughter and entertainment has been through several rough patches in his life. He, who always brings smiles to our faces also gets emotional at times when he looks back at his life. Recently, he got emotional talking about his father and how his loss affected him.

During a promotional interview for his film Zwigato, Kapil Sharma talked about his relationship with his parents, In a talk with fellow comedian Zakir Khan, Kapil Sharma told, “I was 22 years old when my father passed away. I think at that age you start building friendships with your father. Prior to that, I was only scared of him. He wasn’t just my father, but a policeman as well. When I came to college, that is, when I moved out of Amritsar and came to Jalandhar, that’s when we started building a friendship. In your life, your father is your hero. I didn’t get any time to learn from him or about him.”

Recalling an incident when he made his father proud, Kapil added, “I participated in a Youth festival and our play won 3rd prize. So, my photo came in the newspaper and I showed it to my father. He was very happy, He took the newspaper and showed it to his SHO at the police station. I now think that if he was there today, he would have been very happy seeing my success today.”

“But I also think, that he is the one who made it all happen for me. Going up to the headquarters, he has paved my path to success,” he joked.

Zakir Khan admired how well Kapil treats his mother. To this, the star comedian replied, “My mother is a housewife. I was 22 and my brother was 23 when my father passed away. She handled all the pressure and I think she is the biggest heroine of my life. Now that I am 40 and have two kids of my own, I understand the situation my mother had gone through. She had lost her husband and was left with three kids. There was a police quarter that could go away any moment. What all she must have gone through! Although, my brother was given a job in police and things were managed. So, I admire my mother a lot.”

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