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Jayati’s Reaction On Avika Manish’s Secret Child Rumors Is Epic

Recently post Manish opened up on bizarre rumors of his and Avika’s secret child being fake and baseless, Jayati Bhatia taking to insta stories says rubbish story.

A day after TV star Manish Raisinghan cleared the air by addressing rumors of having a secret child with his Sasural Simar Ka (Colors TV, 2011 – 2018) season 1 co-star and bestfriend Avika Gor, veteran TV actress Jayati’s reaction on Avika Manish’s secret child rumors is epic.

Taking to her official instagram handle and giving her honest take on same, currently seen playing the character of Gitanjali Devi Oswal in Sasural Simar Ka 2 airing on Colors TV, Jayati’s reaction on Avika Manish’s secret child rumors is epic.

Taking to her instagram stories on her official handle and clearing this confusion once and for all, Jayati’s reaction on Avika Manish’s secret child rumors is epic.

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Rubbishing and blatantly dismissing these bizarre rumors she called it a creation of crazy minds and literally called out these silly rumors and speculations about both Avika and Manish as ‘rubbish’ and also Jayati Bhatia took to her social media handle on Instagram through insta stories to talk about this entire rumor and matter wherein sharing the news report screenshot about the secret child on the story she has reacted to this entire incident.

Taking to her instagram stories, Jayati Bhatia posted the screenshot and in the caption for same she wrote, “Duniya mein paaglon ki kami nahi hai… Story bannaney ke liye kuchh bhi story banaatey hain (There is no dearth of crazy people in the world. To make a story, these people will say anything)… Rubbish story”.

Jayati Bhatia has worked together with both Avika and Manish in Sasural Simar Ka season 1 and also, in the latest interview, Manish whilst addressing these hysterical rumors said, “This is one of the most absurd things I have ever heard about my friendship with Avika. Why can’t two individuals be good friends? Why do they have to be in a relationship? Also it’s a fact that I am 18 years older than her”.

In one of earlier interviews whilst speaking with RJ / host Siddharth Kanan, Avika also cleared it out that its really impossible for her and Manish to ever be a couple as he is almost her father’s age and also everyone knows that Manish got hitched to TV actress Sangeita Chauhaan in a gurudwara at Mumbai in last year on 30th June and besides, even Avika is in a steady relationship with Milind Chandwani.

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