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Thursday, May 6, 2021
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It Has Been Emotionally Alarming To Describe The Stories In Crime Alert Says Sudha Chandran


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Sudha Chandran’s present show ‘Crime Alert’ has been receiving a lot of praise from the audience for portraying a realistic approach towards crime. Sudha Chandran is seen as an anchor in Dangal TV’s show. Recently, Sudha Chandran shares how as an anchor she realised that crime has no parameter and for her, it has been mentally and emotionally alarming to describe stories of crime.

Sharing more about her experience, Sudha says, “You have a parameter of crime but when you start anchoring such stories, you realise that crime has no parameter. It has gone way beyond our imagination. It is not like crime is only committed by the uneducated, we have also got very educated people doing these crimes. It is an eye-opener and is emotionally alarming to describe these stories. You cannot even imagine that a human being can go down to this level.”

She also adds, “Crime doesn’t always mean murder. We recently did a beautiful story where a young boy comes into Bollywood nurturing dreams and hope. However he’s been led the wrong way and is duped of his money. This is also a crime. Along with the actions even at thoughts can be criminal. I am glad we are using our platform to enlighten people, to get a little more sensitive towards crime.”

Sudha Chandran also said that she appreciates that television platform is not only just focusing on entertainment but also to give out social message and awareness. Crime Alert aims at creating awareness amongst viewers, from means of protecting themselves to recognizing crime and criminal activities. It showcases true events in a dramatic and exceptional manner and makes the citizens alert against criminal activities.

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