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Here’s What Ranju Ki Betiyaan Actors Bought For Their Moms With The Money They Earned


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In the show Ranju Ki Betiyaan, we see how Lucky and Vicky can do anything to bring a smile on Lalita’s face and how Ranju’s daughters are her backbones. As Mother’s day is a celebration of a mother’s love and care, the cast of the show take this Mother’s day as an opportunity to tell us the bond they share with their mothers in real life. The actors share their memory of the first gift they bought for their mothers with the money they earned.

Monika Chauhan who plays Shalu Mishra in the show says, “My mother is my biggest blessing and my inspiration. She has taught me to be kind, selfless and to be patient. When I am here shooting, she calls me every time to check if I had food on time and if I am eating healthy. For her, I am still a little child. After I started working and made some money, I bought her a smart phone. It was a surprise for her but her first reaction was, ‘Arey, yeh mere liye? Khud k liye kuch le liya hota.’ She has always been so self-less and always thinks about her family before herself.”

Karan Khandelwal who plays Lucky Mishra in the show says, “When I was in ninth grade, I was part of a dance group. We had participated in a dance competition and came second. Our group received Rs. 2000 which we divided among the four of us. I was so happy to earn something for the first time so I took my mom to a restaurant. When I paid the check and told her that we can came second and this is my treat for you. I can never forget the look on my mom’s face, she was so proud which made me super happy. My mother was the one who always pushed me into dance and dance got me into acting. So she is the reason why I am here. When I officially got my first pay check, I brought my mom a smartphone. My mom was always eager to learn new things and now she watches all my videos on social media. I wish I could send something for Mother’s Day but unfortunately, Kerala is under strict lockdown.”

Amitt K Singh who plays Rajveer in the show says, “They usually say that if you’re away from your parents for some time only then will you learn to do things and truly grow. My mother knew this. Needless to say, how much I love and miss my mother, we speak every day since I left home and not kidding it’s has been more than 14 years. I had left my home for education and then work followed. I keep visiting her on festivals or family functions. My mother is a very simple homemaker from a very small town and I remember once gifting her a designer saari with my first salary and she shouted on me saying ‘itne mein toh yahan 10 saari aa jaati’. She refused to accept the gift but later she accepted with a heavy motherly dialogue “beta savings are very important in life, don’t abuse your hard-earned money”

Jeevansh Chadha who plays Vicky Mishra in the show says, “Love at first sight is not a myth because I am sure I experienced it the very first time I was in my mother’s arms. That warmth and that sense of belongingness when she is with me, is literally heaven on earth. I recently made my debut with Ranju Ki Betiyaan so haven’t got a chance to get her something as of now. But there was this time when me and my brothers saved a substantial amount from our pocket money and we bought her a dress and she loved it. The smile on her face was like a cherry on the top. I can’t go a day without speaking to her. My life revolves around her.”

We wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day!

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