Elvish Yadav Opens Up On His Experience In Jail, Calls It ‘Bad Phase’

In his latest vlog, Youtuber and Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner, Elvish Yadav shared his experience during his stay in the jail.

After being granted bail in the Noida Snake Venom Case, Elvish Yadav uploaded his first vlog on his YouTube channel, where he talked about his time spent in jail. In the 14-minute video, he described his experience in prison as a ‘very tough time’ and thanked those who supported him.

In his vlog, Elvish said, “The past week was undeniably a challenging period. Reflecting on my time behind bars, it’s clear it wasn’t easy. But now, let’s turn a new page with a positive outlook. To all who stood by me, regardless of criticism or praise, I extend my gratitude. I can only express thanks to everyone. It’s time to return to my work.”

Elvish also expressed his faith in the judiciary system and said “‘I neither say nor do anything wrong.” Additionally, the YouTuber reassured his fans not to fret, promising to navigate through this phase of his life. “I will confront this challenge as well. I hope no one has to encounter such difficulties as I did, but it’s part of life. I’ll manage this too,”.

Elvish also shared his first ever Instagram post after his bail. Sharing a picture featuring two luxurious cars, Elvish wrote, “Samay dikhayi nahi deta par bahaut kuch dikha jata hai”.

For the uninitiated, Elvish Yadav, the winner of Bigg Boss OTT 2 and a YouTuber, was arrested by Noida Police earlier this month in connection with a case involving snake poisoning. The charges were filed under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 and for alleged criminal conspiracy under section 120B of the Indian Penal Code, according to authorities. Following his arrest, NDTV reported that Elvish had confessed to his involvement in the crimes, although no official statement has been issued.

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