Saturday, September 26, 2020

    Chahat Khanna lashes out on trolls who tried teaching her about motherhood


    From the last one year Chahat Khanna has been on news for various reasons. The single mother was recently seen in a music video Quarantine love opposite Mikka Singh. Chahat often find herself getting trolled for all the wrong reasons but she’s one such tough women and hits back like a pro. Yet again the actress recently took to her social media and lashed out on trolls who tried teaching her about motherhood and lots more. Taking to her Instagram stories, Chahat spoke about how one must ignore people who talk about you behind your back, she wrote, “Witches and bitches who can never get love, bf or family in life, forget about kids, they will never understand that kids a blessing and not a liability, or target to put a woman down” The actor is currently taking a break from social media, even for that people thought she’s running away but again she clarified, she wrote, “No I am not running away, just that I’ll be busy with work, for a few days” Well as we told, she’s a tough women and always remember the advice her mother has given her.

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