Bigg Boss 18: Ashi Singh Opens Up On Participating In The Reality Show

"Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai" and "Meet" actress Ashi Singh opened up about participating in reality show, Bigg Boss.

BiggBoss18: Bigg Boss 18, the controversial reality show hosted by Salman Khan, is slated to return this year with its 18th season. Recent reports indicate ongoing discussions with various celebrities for potential participation. While the show has been praised for revitalizing the careers of some contestants and increasing their visibility, it has also faced criticism for its perceived mental strain on participants, leading some to regret their involvement.

Consequently, celebrities are now more cautious about joining the contentious reality program. Actress Ashi Singh, known for her roles in “Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai” and “Meet,” recently shared her thoughts on the prospect of participating in the show.

In an exclusive interview with TOI, Ashi Singh expressed her reservations about participating in a show like Bigg Boss, citing its high intensity. Despite her calm and composed nature and her ability to handle herself well, she feels that the Bigg Boss environment demands assertiveness, which may not align with her personality.

Additionally, Ashi mentioned that she has never been separated from her family and is uncertain about her ability to cope with the absence of familial support while inside the Bigg Boss house.

Ashi revealed another reason why she believes it’s best to avoid the controversial reality show. In her daily life, when she encounters a rough day, she finds solace in confiding in her mother and friends, allowing her to start fresh the next day. However, in the Bigg Boss house, if she engages in conflicts, she cannot rely on the same support system.

Consequently, she fears that prolonged exposure to such situations may reveal a side of her personality she’s unfamiliar with. While Ashi holds great respect for those who have participated or will participate in Bigg Boss, she currently feels it’s not suitable for her.

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