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Bigg Boss 16: Sajid Khan Throws Archana Out Of The Kitchen

Archana creates chaos during Sajid Khan's captaincy over kitchen duties, latter ousts Archana from kitchen.

Bigg Boss 16 Promo: Bigg Boss 16 is currently in its 7th week. Sajid Khan recently became the new captain of the Bigg Boss house after winning the captaincy task. Following the same Sajid saved his friends from nominations while Soundarya, Gautam, Tina, and Shalin are now the nominated contestants for the upcoming week’s eviction. Meanwhile, in the upcoming episode, Archana Gautam was seen making a ruckus over kitchen duties following which Sajid then ousts Archana from the kitchen.

Sajid Khan Throws Archana Out Of The Kitchen

Archana Gautam was recently ousted from the house for choking Shiv Thakare however she was later bought back into the Bigg Boss house by the makers. However, it seems Archana Gautam isn’t really up for any change just yet. As in the recently shared promo, Archana was again seen making a ruckus over kitchen duties.

Archana denies doing any duties, following which Sajid first warns Archana and then removes her from kitchen duties. Archana asks Sajid to give duties to those who have less work. She then tells Sajid that she won’t be doing any labor work in the house. Later in the promo Priyanka then mocks Archana for being too sassy and bossy. Priyanka says, “If you can`t be a daasi then you cant be a maharani.”

Apart from Priyanka Shiv also warns Archana and tells her that he will throw out her clothes. Archana warns the housemates saying that she will tear off their clothes if they touch her things. Archana says, “Tere kapde phaar dungi,”

Bigg Boss Puts An End To Smoking 

Apart from Archana’s fight, Bigg Boss was also seen making a twist in the show after he put an end to smoking by closing the smoking area in the house. Apparently, all the housemates have been breaking smoking rules in the house following the same Bigg Boss will now ban everyone from entering the smoking area.

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