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Bigg Boss 16 Dec 2 Episode 62 Update: Archana-Tina Questioned

Public slams Tina and Archana for being disloyal to their friends. Here's all that happened in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16-

Bigg Boss 16 Dec 2 Episode 62 Update: Bigg Boss 16 is in its 9th week. In the latest episode, many fans and viewers of the show were called on stage to question the housemates. Here’s all that happened in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16-

Bigg Boss 16 Dec 2 Episode 62 Update-

Guess Who Said This-

In the morning Bigg Boss assigned a new task to the housemates where they’ll have to read a random statement and gossip made about them and guess who said it. The first round starts with Tina. The first statement was made about her career. Tina makes all the wrong choices after calling Soundarya, Nimrit, and Priyanka.

Later Nimrit comes and after one wrong choice, Nimrt correctly guesses the second statement made by Tina and Shalin. Later Soundarya comes and correctly guesses all the statements made by Archana Gautam against her.

Ankit-Priyanka’s Fight

During one of the rounds, Priyanka goes and reads the statement made by Ankit. Later a huge fight breaks out between the two as Priyanka claims that she has always been there for Ankit but always disappoints her.

Tina-Archana’s Fight

Apart from Priyanka and Ankit, Tina and Archana also had a fight after Tina knows what statement Archana passed against her dog. Tina slams Archana for making fun of her emotions for her dog.

Salman Schools Tina Datta

Later Salman talks with housemates and questions Tina about her fight with Shiv and Nimrit. Salman says that was it only for captaincy that Tina supported Nimrit and Shiv and later fought them for the same.

Public Accuses Tina

Later Salman welcomes the audience to the panel. The panel was seen questioning the Bigg Boss 16 contestants. The panel asks Tina and Shalin if their relationship is real or if they are just faking it for the cameras. The panel then asks Shalin why he always keeps following Tina. To this Shalin says that he isn’t obliged to answer anyone about it.

Later the panel claims that Tina is using Shalin for her own benefit. To this Tina then decides that she wouldn’t even remain friends with Shalin since their relationship is now backfiring her. To this Salman says that even he wants to see this now. Later the panel claims that Tina always deals with people according to her convenience and then she uses other people and their friendship. Tina then states that she is here to play the game.

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