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Bigg Boss 16: Public Slams Tina For Using Shalin For Her Benefit

In the upcoming weekend ka vaar episode, the public will confront Tina Datta and Archana Gautam for using their friends. Watch the promo here-

Bigg Boss 16 Weekend Ka Vaar: In the upcoming Weekend Ka Vaar episode Salman Khan will welcome the public on stage as they will ask their questions to housemates one-on-one. In the upcoming episode, the invited panel will claim that Tina Datta is just using her relationship with Shalin, Shiv, and others for her own benefit. Apart from Tina Datta, they will also slam Archana for using Soundarya’s friendship.

Public Slams Tina For Using Shalin Bhanot

In the recently shared promo, Salman khan will welcome the audience to the panel. The panel will be seen questioning the Bigg Boss 16 contestants. In the promo, the panel was seen asking Tina and Shalin if their relationship is real or if they are just faking it for the cameras. The panel then asks Shalin why he always keeps following Tina. To this Shalin says that he isn’t obliged to answer anyone about it.

Later the panel claims that Tina is using Shalin for her own benefit. To this Tina then decides that she wouldn’t even remain friends with Shalin since their relationship is now backfiring her. To this Salman says that even he wants to see this now. In yet another promo, the panel claims that that she always deals with people and according to her convenience she uses other people and their friendship. Tina then states that she is here to play the game. To this Salman asks Tina if she’s playing games with Shalin too?

Public Slams Archana For Using Soundarya

After confronting Tina Datta, the panel then moves on to Archana Gautam. The panel then asks Archana if she is also using her friend Soundarya as she has always been there for her but yet she says that she’s alone. The members then ask Archana if this is her real personality since she isn’t loyal to anyone in the house. To this Archana claims that everyone in the house is toxic.

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