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Bigg Boss 14: Omung Kumar Reveals How He Revamped The Set For The New Season

The future is here, and the Bigg Boss 14 house is ready to pave the way for everything that the future holds for us. Once again, master designer Omung Kumar has spun his magic to create a house that is a first of its kind, modern, cutting-edge technologically advanced, and futuristic but still has the warmth of a home.

Meanwhile, Omung Kumar reveals how he give a face-lift to the Bigg Boss 14 house amid the pandemic.

During the conversation, Omung shared, “It was not easy for us to redesign ‘Bigg Boss’ house at a time when everything was shut due to lockdown. There was a limited number of labourers available. Most of them had gone to their villages. The shops were closed. Online delivery was not functioning. We could not import anything from abroad.”

Bigg Boss 14: Omung Kumar Reveals How He Revamped The Set For The New Season
Omung Kumar – Bigg Boss 14

Jokingly the designer further said, “Luckily, some shopkeepers agreed and specially opened their stores for us, as we had to purchase in bulk. Workers had to wear masks all the time. It was challenging, but we pulled it off. Ab hum keh sakte hai jab koi kaam nahi kar raha tha, hum kar rahe the.”

Reportedly, it took Omung and his team to remodel the house. This year, there is a mall, a spa and a theatre inside the house.

Talking about the theme of Bigg Boss 14 house, Omung described, “Almost everyone was confined to their homes during the nationwide lockdown. People could not go out, eat and shop. They couldn’t even travel to their favourite places. People missed certain activities all through lockdown. So, we made a theatre, a mall and a spa inside the house. Contestants will have to acquire all these facilities by winning tasks or something else.”

Keeping the theme in mind, he has tried to play with shades of silver this time.

Bigg Boss 14: Omung Kumar Reveals How He Revamped The Set For The New Season

“There are two robotic shaped dogs at the lawn area. The walls are metallic. Now, the living room has a shiny silver-coloured sofa. But, I kept the bedroom area colourful and funky.”

The most prominent production designer, who has also tried his hand at directing a number of big-budget Bollywood films further spoke about his long association with Bigg Boss.

Omung said, “Bigg Boss is like a family. Vanita and I love decorating the set every year. We treat Bigg Boss like our own house. It irritates us a lot when inmates don’t take proper care of the house or damage property.”

The unlock has brought in some relief and everyone is hoping for a brighter, better tomorrow. With the central theme ‘Bigg Boss dega 2020 ko jawaab’, the house this season has been carefully designed highlighting aesthetics that are ultramodern. The house is laced with many elements that are sharp, metallic, offbeat giving the house a dystopian feel.

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