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Salman Slams Afsana For Body-Shaming Shamita In Weekend Ka Vaar

This time the Bigg Boss 15 special Weekend Ka Vaar episode is going to be full of masala and fire as Salman would be seen schooling Afsana for body-shaming Shamita Shetty in the house.

Finally the time for audiences and fans favorite Weekend Ka Vaar special episode has come in wherein we would be seeing how host and global superstar Salman slams Afsana for bodyshaming Shamita in Weekend Ka Vaar.

The second Weekend Ka Vaar special episode of BB 15 would see how swiftly Salman slams Afsana for bodyshaming Shamita in Weekend Ka Vaar.

All set to air tonight on Colors TV, Bigg Boss 15 would show how Salman slams Afsana for bodyshaming Shamita in Weekend Ka Vaar.

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The second Weekend Ka Vaar of Bigg Boss house will see host Salman Khan bashing and lashing out on contestant Afsana Khan for age-shaming and body-shaming, fellow contestant and current house captain, Shamita Shetty.

Set to air tonight, whilst shouting at Afsana for her inappropriate and derogatory demeaning comments, Salman was clearly heard stating this fact that he would have removed her from the BB 15 house if he had a choice.

Talking about same, Salman said, “Mera choice hota toh main aapko is ghar se beghar kar deta”.

Also calling the contestant as ‘superstar of the season’ in a sarcastic tone, Salman continues bashing her.

Afsana during a heated argument, called, Shamita ‘buddhi aurat’, ‘ghar baithne ka time hai tera’, ‘ghatiya aurat’.

Salman furthermore quizzed her saying that who is she to point finger at someone’s character, Afsana though tries interrupting Salman by saying he is elder but this time even the host doesn’t let her complete who then also responds, “No, no, I am buddha (No, no, I am old)”.

As Afsana tries to explain her side of story of how it happened as she was boiling with anger, Salman asks will she do anything if she loses her cool. He also picked and talked about her body language and her voice, especially how her hands moves.

Source: Biggboss Highlights Instagram.

Contestants Jay Bhanushali, Tejasswi Prakash, Vishal Kotian and Shamita Shetty, were seen agreeing with the host, as he schooled Afsana Khan for her comments and violent behaviour on the show.

Post this intense schooling session, Afsana Khan says she is ready to walk out of the show but Salman stops her by calling out her name in an angry tone. With the promo coming to an end which has left the viewers on a hook. What will happen next?.

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