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Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Anjali Tatrari Shares Her Thoughts On Amber And Guneet’s Married Life


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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan is winning the audience’s hearts with the chemistry of Amber (Varun Badola) and Guneet (Shweta Tiwari) and the show also underlines the progressive thought that true love can be found at any age. As seen so far in the show, Guneet and Amber’s love story has finally culminated into marriage and the duo have got on with their married life. By looking her dad Amber Sharma and his wife Guneet, Niya (Anjali Tatrari) is also taking a cue from their partnership and how things work post a couple solemnises their marriage.

Anjali Tatrari Shares Her Thoughts On Amber And Guneet’s Married Life

Speaking about the married life of Amber and Guneet, Anjali shares her thoughts and says, “By looking at them, I realised that being married is a serious affair, and you must be willing to make adjustments in life. It’s not a cakewalk and you have to think about your partner and their family before making any big decisions. And you make certain compromises to have a lasting and happy married life. It’s also about accepting the partner as they are, and moving together in the same direction. This is what makes the journey between a couple beautiful.”

Anjali Tatrari Shares Her Thoughts On Amber And Guneet’s Married Life

Adding to this, she said, “I also understood that it comes with big responsibilities and will change your lifestyle in some ways too, and you have to be willing to make certain sacrifices if the need arises. Amber and Guneet have always placed themselves in each other’s shoes and accepted one another just the way they are. It’s ensuring your own as well as your partner’s happiness. I only hope that my future life partner shares the same level of understanding just like Amber and Guneet.”

Watch Anjali Tatrari as Niya Sharma in Mere Dad Ki Dulhan.

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