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Ali Baba: Dastan-E- Kabul Resumes Shooting After 3 Weeks

The cast and crew resume the shoot of Dastan-E-Kabul

A lot has been happening ever since the actress Tunisha Sharma tragically committed suicide on the sets of Ali Baba: Dastan-E-Kabul. The male lead Sheezan Khan was arrested in connection to this. The show shooting was put to a halt and now the show has resumed with the new cast.

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On Monday, the cast and crew returned to the Vasai set after three weeks of filming on another set in Naigaon. Sayantani Ghosh, who plays antagonist Simsim, told a leading newspaper:

“To be honest, I wasn’t prepared. We learned that filming was continuing on set the night before. It’s very difficult to come to terms with what happened. There are feelings and opposite emotions. We all miss Tunisha. I understand it was necessary to go back to the previous set because the show suffered. Although the producers tried to make the stay as long as possible, the scenes now required us to come back here. Sayantani Ghosh also said that shooting resumed after an on-set pooja. Tunisha and Sheezan’s makeup rooms have been locked and will not be used.

The set was redone in terms of painting and setting. She said she finds it difficult to film because of Tunisha’s memories of filming locations. “I have memories of Tunisha coming into my room to say hello and hug me.

I have a beautiful wall in my makeup room and Tunisha and I had planned to do roles against it, which unfortunately never happened. Those little things always get along with me,” she added.

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Ali Baba: The creators of Dastaan-E-Kabul have said that a search is underway for a new actress, but Tunisha’s character will not be changed. Now they are concentrating on bringing in a new character as the female lead alongside Abhishek Nigam.

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