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5 Most Expensive Weddings Ever

Here are the 5 most expensive weddings organized ever in all over the world.

A Wedding day is the most auspicious day of a person’s life. The ceremony and the rituals may differ from one another depending upon the culture. But the wedding means the same in all culture, a wedding day is a day where two people, two souls, and two different people become one committing their life and love towards one another for life.

A wedding ceremony can be very simple and convenient, but no, we people don’t like it that way. We won’t a lavish and high-class ceremony. After all the money that we have been saving for years should be used somewhere. A big ceremony means big respect in society is what we think.

Relating to the statements above we have brought 5 of the most expensive wedding ceremonies ever in the history of the World.

5) Brunei Princess Hajah Hafijah Sururul

According to today’s rates, the expense of this wedding from 2012 was about $79.86 Million which makes around 553 Crore Rupees. The princess was totally studded with precious stones from head to toe.

4) Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia

This marriage took place in 2004 with an estimated cost of around $85.38 Million which makes around 602 crore Indian rupees. This wedding also included a firework session from the Eiffel Tower.

3) Prince Charles and Lady Diana

This wedding took place in 1981. With an estimated cost of $125.3 Million which makes 882 Crore Indian rupees according to today’s rates. 

2) Isha Ambani and Anand Parimal

The Ambani marriage took place in 2018. The total estimated cost of the wedding was almost $138 Million means 973 crore Indian rupees.

1) Sheikh Md Bin Nahyan and Princess Salama

This marriage from 1981 cost around $261.2 Million that make 1834 crore Indian rupees.

Read the expenses and be awestruck.

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